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Biography - Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich is one of the most requested speakers on the international lecture circuit. A true American hero, her icon status and “stick-to-it-iveness” only fuels her determination to expose injustice and lend her voice to those who do not have one.

It’s been more than 15 years since Julia Roberts starred in the Oscar-winning tour de force, Erin Brockovich. The film turned an unknown legal researcher into a 20th century icon by showcasing how her dogged persistence was the impelling force behind the largest medical settlement lawsuit in history. Since then, Brockovich hasn’t been resting on her laurels—she continues to fight hard and win big.

This “gutsy broad” doesn’t apologize for who she is. Brockovich learned how to come out on top from her tight-knit mid-western family in Lawrence, Kansas. The youngest child of an industrial engineer father and journalist mother, her parents always believed that she could do anything she set her mind to if she learned to focus her amazing energy.

After a few years roaming around at various colleges, Brockovich moved to California, worked as a management trainee for Kmart, studied electrical engineering, entered and won the Miss Pacific Coast beauty pageant, and, along the way, married and divorced twice, had three children, and settled in Reno, Nevada.

Brockovich was an average divorced single mother trying to make a living, until she crossed paths with lawyer, Ed Masry, a meeting that would change the course of both of their lives.

After hiring Masry & Vititoe to represent her in a traffic accident case that they won, she got a job at the law firm as a file clerk. It was while organizing papers on a pro bono real estate case that she first found medical records that would explode into the largest direct-action lawsuit in US history. Utility giant Pacific Gas & Electric was forced to pay out $333 million in damages to more than 600 residents in Hinkley, California.

The story and eventual film made “Erin Brockovich” a household name. Over time, she realized that she could use her notoriety to spread positive messages of personal empowerment and to encourage others to stand up and make a difference.

Brockovich has conquered all forms of media. Her first TV project was ABC’s 2001 special, Challenge America with Erin Brockovich, in which she helped motivate and organize the rebuilding of a dilapidated park in downtown Manhattan. She also hosted the Lifetime series, Final Justice with Erin Brockovich. The show celebrated everyday women who triumphed when faced with overwhelming adversity. She then dominated the world of publishing with her New York Times Business Bestseller, Take It From Me: Life’s a Struggle, But You Can Win. She has also written two fiction novels, Rock Bottom and Hot Water.

Due to her fighting spirit, Brockovich has become the champion of countless women and men. She is this generation’s “Dear Abby,” receiving thousands of letters and emails each year from people who need help and support in their own personal struggles. She proudly answers every one of them.

As President of Brockovich Research & Consulting, she is currently involved in numerous environmental projects worldwide. She has requests for her help in ground water contamination complaints in every state of the US, Australia, and other international hotspots. She is currently working on cases in California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, and Missouri.






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