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E-Seminars represent the most convenient way to earn CEUs when and where you need them. Featuring recorded video and downloadable handout materials, e-seminars allow you to access the best presentations from past NCRA events and webinars. Explore NCRA's E-Seminar library here.


Recent additions


Can You Say That? Legal Ethics of Working with Court Reporters

A Presentation of the San Francisco Bar Association

An e-seminar presented by the San Francisco Bar Association. California court reporters are joined by a long-time judge to discuss sensitive issues surrounding court reporters. 
Topics Include:
• Ethics rules and statutes governing court reporters
• What lawyers never say to a court reporter
• Do contracting and gifting influence impartiality and ethics?
0.15 CEU


Homonyms & Pseudohomonyms: The Nemesis of Reporters, Part 5 
Presenter: Dr. Santo Aurelio, Ed.D., FAPR, RDR

Homonyms and pseudohomonyms bedevil court reporters.   Should it be incidence or incidents?  And how about this quintuplet:  carrel/choral/chorale/coral/corral?  It is very difficult to transcribe the correct word ALL the time when many reporters are listening to about 50,000 words on a daily basis.  Join Dr. Santo "Joe" Aurelio as he explains how to differentiate between these truly bedeviling words.
0.15 CEU


Homonyms & Pseudohomonyms: The Nemesis of Reporters, Part 4 
Presenter: Dr. Santo Aurelio, Ed.D., FAPR, RDR

Words are the mainstay of reporters, and some of those words (as, homonyms and pseudohomonyms) are quite difficult to use correctly ALL the time. To understand, Stenotype, and then transcribe with 100% accuracy the approximately 50,000 words that many reporters hear on a daily basis is a very difficult task.
0.15 CEU



Apps for Court Reporters
Presenter: Lynette Mueller, FAPR, RDR, CRR

There are so many apps available today. How do you choose? Learn about the best apps to be productive and efficient court reporters.  Find out which apps are the best to assist with your daily work
0.1 CEU


More About Windows 10
Presenter: Pam Szczecinski

Think you know Windows 10? As a reporter you have different demands on your PC. Wish you could stop all the updates or at least know what’s in them? In this 90-minute webinar we’ll look at what some of those updates do for you and determine which ones are beneficial and which to stay clear of. Discover a few lesser known features that are built into your operating system that you could use. Learn to customize and make your PC work the best for you.
0.15 CEU



A Convention 2018 Session: 
Financial Wellness in the "Gig Economy"
Presenter:  Janet Meinheit

Financial wellness for small business owners and contractors is paramount to success. Join Janet Meinheit as she walks you through tips and tricks for a healthy and wealthy life in an environment or "gig economy" where short-term work engagements abound. Walk away from this session with tangible takeaways on how to sustain a more balanced and financially healthy lifestyle!
0.10 CEU


A Convention 2018 Session:
CART/Captioning: What You Need to Know!
Presenters: Alan Peacock, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC and Rita Jo Scarcella

From the basics of providing captioning in the convention setting to how to set up in unusual settings for on-site CART, this session will teach everyone from the beginner to the experienced captioner how to market themselves, find relevant work in this arena, and offer demonstrations of how to set up equipment for various scenarios, how to connect to audio sources, logistics, and troubleshooting. Alan Peacock and Rita Jo Scarcella share humorous anecdotes from their long careers..
0.10 CEU


How Judges Decide: A Presentation by the San Francisco Bar Association 

An inside baseball panel discussion about the factors which go into a judge's decision making; how judges are influenced by their background and life experience; and the value of knowing "who" the judge is. Judges share their personal stories and insights from life on the bench, including recaps of celebrity cases.
0.15 CEU


Using Zoom for Video and Audio Conferencing
Presenter: Steve Lubetkin, CLVS

A hands-on demonstration and explanation of the features of Zoom, the high-quality, multiple-participant video conferencing tool. The webinar will describe and demonstrate the features of Zoom for scheduling, producing, and recording video conferences. Features include shared screen, multiple hosts, cloud recording, connection to video conference systems, and Outlook/Gmail calendar integration.
0.10 CEU




Be Your Clients' Superhero with Expedite
Presenter: Eve Barrett, RPR

Position for the Next Market Shift: Learn how the revolutionary Expedite app will mobilize legal support services, empower providers and help us reclaim our profession. Take a tour through the fun features of Expedite that will ultimately streamline resources and eliminate inefficiencies. Increase your profitability and productivity, while decreasing commute and wait times. View the latest major upgrade, ExpeditePro, and learn how this first-to-market on-demand mobile app IS the future business model of the legal industry.
0.15 CEU



Tech Tips & Tricks
Presenter: Keith Lemons, RPR, CRR

Veteran tech speaker Keith Lemons gives a presentation full of the latest tips and tricks for setting up realtime connections, troubleshooting equipment glitches, and packing your court reporting bag. This webinar is full of humorous anecdotes from Keith's own experiences and invaluable insider info.
0.15 CEU