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InReach.com and NCRA are pleased to join together to bring you the finest online, distance learning live webinars and e-seminars for court reporting professionals. Earn CEUs right from the comfort of your own home or office, at any time, day or night. We continue to add more content so be sure to check back for updates.


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E-Seminars represent the most convenient way to earn CEUs when and where you need them. Featuring recorded video and downloadable handout materials, e-seminars allow you to access the best presentations from past NCRA events and webinars. Explore NCRA's E-Seminar library here.


Recent additions

  • Your State Convention: “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.”
    0.1 CEU

    Nothing compares to a great convention: The atmosphere of being in a crowd of people who share the same passions, the lessons learned and advice taken in, and spending time with friends of past and new ones made - your professional family. The goal is attendees leave a convention reenergized and bursting with fresh ideas and motivation. This session will walk you through planning your state association’s next convention and making this goal a reality.

    Presenter: Sarah Nageotte, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC, NCRA Past President
  • The 3 Rs of Membership
    0.1 CEU

    Membership is a challenge for all associations. While the primary focus is the 3 Rs, recruitment, retention and renewal, we constantly need to think creatively and adapt to those challenges. This year is no exception with the uncertainty due to COVID-19. In this session, we will discuss some ideas NCRA has implemented in the past year and will be working on for 2021 renewals.

    Presenter: Natalie Dippenaar, NCRA Director, Membership & IT
  • State of the Industry
    0.1 CEU

    Life in the reporting and captioning worlds before COVID-19 was challenging with a shifting landscape and changing regulations. Add in the recent pandemic and many people in the industry are wondering what things might look like post coronavirus. Join us for a look at the recent past and the future of our profession.

    Dave Wenhold, CAE, PLC, NCRA Executive Director
    Max Curry, RPR, CRI, NCRA President
    Christine Phipps, RPR, NCRA President-Elect
  • Lights, Camera, Zoom -- Improving the New Normal
    0.1 CEU

    Responding quickly to the fast-changing landscape of litigation, court reporters across the country scrambled to get up to speed on the technologies necessary to implement remote depositions and find viable and sound solutions for their clients. Now that we've got the basics in place, let's take another look and learn more tips and tricks (upgraded internet options, advanced Zoom features and settings, camera settings and lighting options, fine-tuning audio settings, and captioning (subtitles) without an encoder to Zoom) to enhance components of the remote office to improve the customer experience and look like a rock star!

    Debbie Dibble, RDR, CRR, CRC
    Lynette Mueller, FAPR, RDR, CRR
    Sue Terry, FAPR, RPR, CRR, NCRA Immediate Past President
  • Advanced Captioning
    0.1 CEU

    This webinar takes a deep dive into what's needed to provide CART/Broadcast Captioning remotely. Participants will be able to identify the equipment and streaming text platforms (including help resources) needed. Participants will also learn about available jobs for trained captioners and captioning tips.

    Presenter: Heidi C. Thomas, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC
  • Remote Judicial Reporting
    0.1 CEU

    This webinar provides information for freelance and official reporters looking to expand their services, given current conditions, into the virtual area of videoconferencing. It will provide guidance on starting up, equipment needed, platforms available, technical requirements, handling of exhibits, and marketing to clients, along with an introduction to industry standards and ethical parameters.

    Keith Debra A. Dibble, RDR, CRR, CRC
    Keith Lemons, FAPR, RPR, CRR
    Jason T. Meadors, FAPR, RPR, CRR, CRC

  • NCRA – Standing Strong: Implementing Great Solutions in Difficult Times
    0.1 CEU

    This webinar covers how reporters and captioners can use videoconferencing tools to assist clients, courts, and consumers in conducting depositions, hearings, and other court proceedings. They also offer tips on captioning and providing realtime via streaming technology through the Internet or through platforms such as Zoom. Many of us already know how to utilize these platforms and have been doing so for years. For those of you who haven’t, we will help you get there together!

    Presenter: Sue Terry, FAPR, RPR, CRR, CRC
  • Cyber Security Incidents & Cases: Protect Your Data
    0.1 CEU

    At home but especially at work, our growing dependence on technology demands greater security online. For this reason, cybersecurity is a responsibility, requiring awareness and vigilance of your data.

    Presenter: Matt Gonzalez
  • CART and Its Many Remote Platforms Step-by-Step
    0.1 CEU

    See demos of most/all platforms used by Remote CART Captioners and learn step-by-step what it takes to provide the service. Links will be provided to online resources for more info and the PowerPoint slides for reminders after the session. Specific platforms covered: StreamText, 1CapApp, Skype, Share Screen, Adobe Connect, Zoom, GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting, StreamCast, and Elluminate.

    Presenter: Kathy Cortopassi, RMR, CRR, CRC
  • Embarrassing Words and Phrases Even Smart People Misuse
    0.15 CEU

    What are some of the most common words people use incorrectly? Which words are most commonly misspelled or mispronounced? Veteran webinar presenter and JCR contributor Dr. Aurelio is back to share his valuable insight and knowledge. This webinar will assist reporters to transcribe more correctly and help reporters and non-reporters to speak and write with more accuracy.

    Presenter: Dr. Santo "Joe" Aurelio
  • The Freelancer Starter Kit
    0.125 CEU

    Are you a newly licensed reporter or someone who is coming into the freelance realm from another area of stenography? This webinar will provide an overview of some basic skills to provide a strong foundation for future success as an independent freelance reporter.

    Presenter: Michael Hensley, RDR