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Featured webinars and e-seminars


  • Captioning and Scripting for Commencement Ceremonies 101
    Nov. 2 - 7 - 8 p.m. (Eastern)
    0.1 CEU

    In this seminar you will learn what prep materials you will need to successfully caption a commencement ceremony. Participants will learn the pros and cons of YouTube and various other platforms. You will also receive a complimentary copy of "Text Converter," a small application used to aid in scripting for the professional captioner. We will also discuss Commencement Captioning Best Practices for scripting songs/traditional vocabulary/graduates' names.

    Presenter: Alan Peacock, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC




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  • Just Okay is NOT Okay; Is YOUR Realtime Good Enough?
    0.1 CEU

    While realtime does not mean perfection, how do you know if your realtime measures up as a sellable product? Let’s look beyond the gray and examine concrete, real-world examples of what is great, good, and just okay. Just because you can read through it doesn’t mean that your clients can. Anissa Nierenberger will debunk untranslate rate myths and other misperceptions about quality realtime. She’ll also provide solutions to common stacking and easy brief ideas, as well as explain why you should be editing in a way that school never taught you! If you’ve felt “in the dark” regarding realtime standards, you won’t want to miss this presentation!

    Presenter: Anissa Nierenberger, RPR, CRR, CRC, CRI
  • Ethics Jeopardy
    0.1 CEU

    Come join an educational game show where contestants will answer everyday videographer scenarios. Categories include Remote Depositions, The Secret World, and It’s Not That Kind of Video.

    Andrea Kreutz, CLVS
    Mindy Sindiong, CLVS
    LaJuana Pruitt, CLVS
  • Marking Exhibits Electronically for Remote Proceedings
    0.1 CEU

    This session will cover the steps for marking exhibits electronically during remote proceedings, including download and setup of electronic exhibit stamps.

    Presenter: Rene White Moarefi, RPR, CRR
  • Reporters and Gadgets and Apps -- Oh, My!
    0.1 CEU

    Learn to be self-sufficient, productive, efficient, and courageous in your everyday professional life! Lynette Mueller will share the gadgets, apps, and other resources that assist her to meet the many challenges that may arise in the deposition or courtroom setting. She will also talk about the workflow she uses after the job — work smarter, not harder! This session will wind up with discussion from the audience and sharing other gadgets that have helped them along their “Yellow Brick Road.”

    Presenter: Lynette Mueller, RDR, CRR
  • Social Media Bootcamp
    0.1 CEU

    What social media should I use? When should I post? How often? What should I say? Do I have to answer every stupid comment? Can’t someone else just do it for me? Social media can be just one more chore, or it can help you gain visibility, reputation, and clients. Learn the who, what, when, where, and why of social media from a seasoned communications pro who finished 2019 with a 3.2 million Facebook reach! Weed out the stuff you don’t need, focus on the stuff you do need, and walk away from the session with action items you can do that day to start building the social media presence you want.

    Presenter: Cathy O'Neal