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Recent additions


Cyber Security Incidents & Cases: Protect Your Data
Presenter: Matt Gonzalez


At home but especially at work, our growing dependence on technology demands greater security online.  For this reason, cybersecurity is a responsibility, requiring awareness and vigilance of your data. Participants will:

  • assess cases involving cyber security;
  • review incident handling techniques;
  • develop data protection methods;
  • differentiate a black, white, and grey hat hacker; and
  • trust a grey hat hacker!

0.1 CEU


CART and Its Many Remote Platforms Step-by-Step
Presenter: Kathy Cortopassi, RMR, CRR, CRC

See demos of most/all platforms used by Remote CART Captioners and learn step-by-step what it takes to provide the service. Links will be provided to online resources for more info and the PowerPoint slides for reminders after the session. Specific platforms covered: StreamText, 1CapApp, Skype, Share Screen, Adobe Connect, Zoom, GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting, StreamCast, and Elluminate.
0.1 CEU


Embarrassing Words and Phrases Even Smart People Misuse
Presenter: Dr. Santo "Joe" Aurelio

What are some of the most common words people use incorrectly? Which words are most commonly misspelled or mispronounced? Veteran webinar presenter and JCR contributor Dr. Aurelio is back to share his valuable insight and knowledge. This webinar will assist reporters to transcribe more correctly and help reporters and non-reporters to speak and write with more accuracy.
0.15 CEU


The Status of Hemp and CBD in the Wake of the 2018 Farm Bill
A presentation of the Bar Association of San Francisco

Cannabidiol (CBD) is presently positioned to outpace its potent cousin, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in the race for Most Popular Cannabis Derivative. The chic cannabinoid was given a boost in this respect with the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which effectively upended the federal government’s definition of “Hemp” and its byproducts. Much is still unclear. The dividing line between legal and illegal remains elastic, federal agencies are scrambling to enact cohesive policies and guidelines, and regulatory frameworks at the state level are still taking shape. We will examine the law as it stands, cover updates in legislation and policy, and discuss what the future is likely to hold for practitioners and businesses trying to navigate this shifting landscape.
0.1 CEU


The Freelancer Starter Kit
Presenter: Michael Hensley, RDR

Are you a newly licensed reporter or someone who is coming into the freelance realm from another area of stenography?  This webinar will provide an overview of some basic skills to provide a strong foundation for future success as an independent freelance reporter. Attendees will:

  • be able to maintain and track various financial transactions related to services provided as a stenographer.
  • obtain skills needed for marketing and networking as an independent contractor in order to obtain new clients as well as support staff (such as scopists, proofreaders, and tax professionals).
  • learn efficient methods to keep incoming jobs and outgoing work product organized and produced in a timely manner.

0.125 CEU


How Stress Affects Your Body at the Cellular Level
Presenter: Jennifer Sage

Stress affects the mind and the body. Veteran court reporter Jennifer Sage understands the toll that stress can take. After losing family members to cancer, heart disease and diabetes, she became a preventive wellness consultant to help people live their best life by understanding the root causes of disease and aging. Topics will include cellular stress management, healthy antioxidant "activation," mitochondrial support, gut health, heart health, autoimmune causes & prevention, insulin resistance, effects of cortisol, causes of arthritis, inflammation, and fibrosis.
0.125 CEU


Legal Videography: Deposition Audio - Teamwork Between the Court Reporter and Videographer
Presenter: Richard Hayden, CLVS

Explore the needs of the videographer and court reporter in today’s fast-paced deposition world and learn how the court reporter and videographer work as a team. Discussion will also cover file types, equipment considerations, and delivery of the audio file, synchronized video and transcripts, and what the videographer can provide the court reporter to enhance the quality of the record.
This seminar is a recorded session from the 2018 NCRA Convention & Expo in New Orleans, La.
0.10 CEU


Being Proactive vs. Reactive
Presenter: Cindy Isaacsen, RPR
Are you prepared to advocate for your job? You may have to take on whatever government or state agency wants to replace you at any given time. Don’t walk away from any table or conversation wondering what you should have said or how you are going to save your job after the fact. Learn how one association went from reactive to proactive and how you can help your board and state association protect the profession. Expect to be informed, energized, encouraged, and inspired during this enlightening session.
This seminar is a recorded session from the 2018 NCRA Convention & Expo in New Orleans, La.

0.125 CEU


Can You Say That? Legal Ethics of Working with Court Reporters

A Presentation of the San Francisco Bar Association

An e-seminar presented by the San Francisco Bar Association. California court reporters are joined by a long-time judge to discuss sensitive issues surrounding court reporters. 
Topics Include:
• Ethics rules and statutes governing court reporters
• What lawyers never say to a court reporter
• Do contracting and gifting influence impartiality and ethics?
0.15 CEU


Homonyms & Pseudohomonyms: The Nemesis of Reporters, Part 5 
Presenter: Dr. Santo Aurelio, Ed.D., FAPR, RDR

Homonyms and pseudohomonyms bedevil court reporters.   Should it be incidence or incidents?  And how about this quintuplet:  carrel/choral/chorale/coral/corral?  It is very difficult to transcribe the correct word ALL the time when many reporters are listening to about 50,000 words on a daily basis.  Join Dr. Santo "Joe" Aurelio as he explains how to differentiate between these truly bedeviling words.
0.15 CEU


Apps for Court Reporters
Presenter: Lynette Mueller, FAPR, RDR, CRR

There are so many apps available today. How do you choose? Learn about the best apps to be productive and efficient court reporters.  Find out which apps are the best to assist with your daily work
0.1 CEU


More About Windows 10
Presenter: Pam Szczecinski

Think you know Windows 10? As a reporter you have different demands on your PC. Wish you could stop all the updates or at least know what’s in them? In this 90-minute webinar we’ll look at what some of those updates do for you and determine which ones are beneficial and which to stay clear of. Discover a few lesser known features that are built into your operating system that you could use. Learn to customize and make your PC work the best for you.
0.15 CEU



How Judges Decide: A Presentation by the San Francisco Bar Association 

An inside baseball panel discussion about the factors which go into a judge's decision making; how judges are influenced by their background and life experience; and the value of knowing "who" the judge is. Judges share their personal stories and insights from life on the bench, including recaps of celebrity cases.
0.15 CEU