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Live webinars


Redesigning Your Website without Crushing Your Google Rankings  - June 5
Presenter: Steve Scott
At some point in time, every website will go through some form of a redesign. Depending on how well you plan for it, a site redesign can either be a relatively painless process – producing a great new site, better rankings and higher conversions – or it can be a devastating business disaster that ends up costing your company thousands of dollars (or more) in lost revenue while vaporizing your existing rankings. This seminar will show you how to avoid the most common problems when launching a redesigned website.
0.10 CEU



E-Seminars represent the most convenient way to earn CEUs when and where you need them. Featuring recorded video and downloadable handout materials, e-seminars allow you to access the best presentations from past NCRA events and webinars. Explore NCRA's E-Seminar library here.


Recent additions

The Strange Case of the Boston Strangler

Presenter: Santo "Joe" Aurelio, E.d., FAPR, RDR
The Boston Strangler terrorized the city of Boston, Mass. from 1962 to 1964, when 13 women were brutally murdered. Albert DeSalvo confessed to all of those murders, but was only tried for other crimes. Join Dr. Aurelio, a reporter on the DeSalvo case, as he discusses many salient aspects regarding DeSalvo, attorney F. Lee Bailey, and other principals (including a world-renowned psychic) in this strange case.
0.15 CEU


Maximizing Your Business Value
Presenters: Chris Hearing and Greg Laubach
Business owners are constantly faced with the challenge of balancing the need to think in both short- and long-term horizons. This webinar focuses on creating short-term profits and business value as avenues to maximizing long-term profitability and enterprise value at exit. Chris Hearing and Greg Laubach were guest speakers at the 2018 NCRA Firm Owners Executive Conference.
0.1 CEU


How to Perform Under Pressure
Presenter: Al Betz
Pressure at work and at home can be everyday occurrences. Learn how to harness pressure and rise above it to perform at your best. Learn what pressure is, how it affects you, and if you are prepared to perform under pressure. The 3 components of performing under pressure include Tenacity, Integrity, and Creativity and there are 5 critical performance requirements you must be aware of. This webinar will set you on a path to high achievement.
0.15 CEU


Mindful Communication in Today's Diverse Workplace
Presenter: Al Betz
Al Betz, a successful court reporter, author, and community leader, shares the essential principles of mindful communication. What are the roles of the sender and receiver in messaging? Why do receivers of the same message interpret it differently? Why is silent communication so important? Actions and words often don't match and facial expressions can send mixed messages. Al also discusses the phenomenon of Constant Messaging, the 21st Century form of communication that can work both for and against you. Learn how to negotiate these challenges to become capable, confident, and mindful.
0.15 CEU


Have Writer Will Travel: The International Experience 
Presenter: Jason Meadors, FAPR, RPR, CRR, CRC
An informational and humor-filled instruction outlining the dynamics of work in the international realm: job preparation, job execution, the vagaries and challenges of travel, and how reporters get these assignments.
0.15 CEU


Intersteno: Berlin and Beyond
Presenter: Victoria (Tori) Pittman, FAPR, RDR, CRI
Are you interested in international travel? Do you love court reporting? Would you like to network with speech-to-text professionals from around the world? Join us for a 90-minute seminar about Intersteno - what it is, the networking opportunities, and even competitions on the world stage!