JCR Article Tests


Important notice

Please note you cannot use a test below toward your certification requirements if you meet any of the following:

  • You are in the process of reinstating your certification(s).
  • You have taken the test before, pass or fail.
  • You have already earned 1.0 PDC (0.25 PDC if a CLVS) during this cycle.


Please review your current cycle transcript before taking anyJCR article or NCRA book tests.


STOP! Please read the above message before proceeding


Step 1: Browse the JCR index. Preview the JCR article and its test.

Step 2: Print out the article and the test, and complete the test at your leisure.

Step 3: Submit your test online using the link below the Article Test Index.


Note: Some of these articles and tests are only currently available as image files from older JCR articles. They will state the incorrect unit amount and type. ALL the below tests are worth 0.25 PDC upon passing, regardless of what the linked article or test states.



Take an article test online

  • Members: $30
  • Non-members: $75

Note: NCRA will retain a $10 processing fee for any requests for refunds for duplicate article purchases.

The above prices are only for those article tests taken through the online article test process linked below. Please visit our continuing education submission page for information on sending these tests for manual grading.

Test are machine graded immediately  and your results will be automatically downloaded into your official NCRA transcript, reflecting the day you completed the test, within 5-7 business days. Units will only be awarded to participants who pass the test. Tests may not be repeated.



Have you paid for and not yet taken your JCR article test? 
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  • Visit the JCR Test Center.
    • Select "Enter"
    • Login using your NCRA ID.
    • You should now be redirected to access your online test.