How to Submit Your Continuing Education Online

Please read these directions in their entirety before submitting your paperwork. If your activity is not on the pre-approved seminar calendar, and you are not provided with a certificate stating the date and hours of education/activity, download a copy of the proper form.

If you are uncertain if your activity qualifies for CEUs or PDCs, please visit the CE program rules page.


  1. Scan the filled in form and supporting documents and save it on your hard drive someplace it will be easy for you to locate. (maximum file size 5120k) Please give this file a short name, without spaces. If you have taken more than one seminar from a particular vendor in one day and are submitting these all together, you will need to print and scan all the certificates into one document. Submitting the documents and courses separately will result in separate charges.
  2. Make sure you have your NCRA ID and password available. If you are unsure of them, please email us or call 800-272-6272 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Eastern time.
  3. Open your Web browser, preferably Google Chrome. Make sure all pop-up blockers are turned off.
  4. Go to the Continuing Education online submission page and log in.
  5. Once you are logged in, please read the instructions and answer the question. Please click “Yes” to enter your CEU information. Please click “No” to enter your PDC information (book tests, Realtime Coach practice, student mentoring, etc.)


    CEU online submission_1
  6. Click continue.
  7. Fill out the form with the information on the course or program (date, title, topic, summary, hours.) If you have taken more than one seminar from a particular vendor in one day and are submitting these all together, you will enter all the course names in the Course Title field. Abbreviate as needed.


    CEU online subission_2
  8. Qualified Topic Area: Select the topic area that closely resembles the course summary content. Information on those topic areas are found in Articles III & IV in our CEU Rules.
  9. Total Hours of Instruction: Please enter the hours in decimal numeric format only. (Example: 7 ½ hours as 7.5). No text may be entered in this field - only numbers.
  10. Upload your paperwork.
  11. Do not enter anything in the CEU field – it will self-populate. If this populates with letters rather than numbers, you have incorrectly entered your hours of education.
  12. Make sure you click the check box regarding your agreement to the terms.
  13. If you are submitting a second item, click “Submit and Enter Additional.”
  14. If you are done submitting items, click “Submit and Done.”
  15. Please verify the information is correct in your shopping cart before you proceed.

    CEU online submission_3
  16. If everything is correct, click “Continue to Payment.”
  17. At the checkout process, please read the yellow highlighted text.

    CEU online submission_4
  18. Enter your payment information and click “Submit Payment.”
  19. You should receive 2 email confirmations, one for the purchase and one confirming your submission.
  20. CEU submissions will appear on the transcript within 24 hours. PDC submissions will be reviewed by NCRA staff and will appear on the transcript within 5 work days from submission.
  21. All submission paperwork and supporting documentation should be kept for a period of either one year or the certification cycle period, whichever is longer. The submitting individual should be prepared to provide this documentation in the event of an audit.
  22. If you have any questions or difficulties loading your documents, please call 800-272-6272 or email