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NCRA A to Z® Testimonials

Here's what students are saying about the NCRA A to Z program


Free test drive...

"I was apprehensive about court reporting. After taking NCRA A to Z all of my worries were gone and I knew that I was ready to begin school. The extra bonus was that it was a free “test drive” and if I didn’t like it, I did not have to commit or lose any money."

Sara Jacobson, Birmingham, AL


"Overall, I think this is an amazing program and that it could totally drive the profession to an ultimate increase in reporters."

Alyssa Brummer, Elmhurst, IL



Jonathan is a gamer. He took the NCRA A to Z program before starting at San Antonio Technical College.


Hands-on training...

"This program was an absolutely phenomenal way to get a solid preview of what writing on a steno machine looks and feels like, and provided great exposure to the varied avenues this fascinating career field can lead to! I cannot recommend this program highly enough to anyone interested, or simply curious, as I was, in getting a closer look at the world of steno!"

Marisa Perez, Riverside, CA


Experienced facilitators...

"Learning from people who have gone through the course and are employed in the field, giving you insight into life in and after school - that was a huge positive. Most of the teachers were enthusiastic, and knowing they volunteered their time was touching."

Marie Foreman, Edmonton, Canada


"The instructors were amazing and beyond helpful, both in and outside of class. Very patient and enthusiastic!"

Lisa Knab, Batavia, NY

Fun Facts

  • Captioners and court reporters use cutting-edge technology to bring the spoken word to text accurately in real time.

  • In an emergency situation, broadcast captioners can provide vital information to 48 million Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing.

  • According to an industry outlook study, there will be a demand for more than 5,500 court reporters and captioners over the next five years.

  • The career offers the flexibility of working from home as a freelancer and setting your own hours.

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