Official Reporter of Debates

Washington, D.C.
Date Posted : Oct. 6, 2021
Date Closed :

NATURE OF WORK This is specialized, professional stenographic work reporting and editing the oral proceedings of the Senate and incorporating proper parliamentary language for publication in the Congressional Record (the Record). Work includes taking verbatim record of daily Senate oral proceedings and editing information for grammatical and technical errors to ensure accuracy of the Record. Work is bound by Secretary of the Senate policies and procedures; the U.S. Senate Handbook; and the Senate Ethics Manual, but requires independent judgment in setting priorities and handling assignments. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Report and edit the verbatim oral proceedings of the Senate; report legislative measures being considered in the Senate with proper parliamentary language; report party caucuses using a stenographic machine; identify and correct grammatical and contextual errors of spoken words to present information accurately in the Record; insert appropriate punctuation; research and verify accuracy of quotations, citations, names, and dates referred to in debate; and make necessary corrections to accurately reflect information in the Record. Verify with Senate floor staff or Senators if there is a question about whether information should be included in the Record; coordinate removal/insertion of information in the transcripts of other Official Reporters of Debates (Reporters), at the request of Senators; and work closely with floor staff and other Reporters.

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Job Types : Court Reporter, Officialship
Job Locations : District of Columbia