Official Realtime Court Reporter - Delaware Court of Chancery

Wilmington, DE
Date Posted : Mar. 17, 2023
Date Closed :

My team is looking for a new stenographer , start date August 1. We’re in the Delaware Court of Chancery, THE court of business litigation.  Close to Philly and fantastic beaches.

It's a difficult, demanding job, with real-time and daily-copy oral arguments and trials routinely. CRR required, and successful completion of the RMR within a year.  Good salary, fantastic benefits, and the transcript income is worth the move. We're Eclipse users and have in-house scopists to assist us.  Our judges appreciate us for the gold standard we are.

We are a close-knit, flexible, highly functional TEAM. Our rotation system ensures everyone gets work equally and gets the opportunity to be in court when those (in)famous businesspeople testify. Everyone is heard and respected here. We are the Ninja SEAL team of stenographers, and SO MUCH FUN to work with!

Interested? Know anyone who is? Please email me or pass this along.

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Job Types : Court Reporter, Officialship
Job Locations : Delaware