Official Court Reporter - Part-Time, Harrisurg, PA

US District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Date Posted : Nov. 15, 2022
Date Closed :

Part-Time - 24 hrs./wk. - 3 days/wk.

An Official Court Reporter attends and performs verbatim reporting services for all types of court proceedings, as specified by statute, rule or order of the court; produces transcripts, upon request of a party or order of the court, within established timeframes and cost limitations in accordance with regulations set by the Judicial Conference; and files electronic copies of transcripts with the Clerk of Court. Official Court Reporters are guided by and responsible for adhering to the policies and administrative procedures contained in the Court Reporter Management Plan of the Middle District of Pennsylvania, applicable sections of the Guide to Judiciary Policy, and policies of the Clerk’s Office. Official Court Reporters must maintain accurate and legible records of time, attendance, transcript production and earnings, which are subject to audit. The position also involves completing recordkeeping forms, documenting information contained in reports, as well as maintaining and safeguarding records until their disposition, according to the statutory requirements and Judicial Conference Policy. Additional duties include performing administrative tasks, such as billing for transcripts, preparing and filing of required Administrative Office reports, responding to official correspondence and telephone calls, and completing financial and other forms.

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Job Types : Court Reporter, Officialship
Job Locations : Pennsylvania