Office Court Reporter - Realtime proficiency

Anchorage, Alaska
Date Posted : Oct. 16, 2020
Date Closed :

To attend and record verbatim testimony of courtroom proceedings, to read back all or any portion of the court record, or other proceedings specified by statute, rule, or order of court; transcribe promptly and accurately proceedings requested by interested parties or as the court may direct; transcribe or provide an electronic sound recording to the court of all arraignments, pleas, and proceedings in connection with the imposition of sentence in criminal cases; promptly certify and file all original transcripts and shorthand notes with the Clerk of Court, and perform other administrative duties as required. Realtime proficiency is required and Realtime certification is preferred. The Court Reporter is responsible for determining that billing and formats comply with Judicial Conference requirements. Official Court Reporters are employed by and serve at the pleasure of the Court. Official Court Reporters must be able to work well under pressure and produce transcripts timely.

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Job Types : Court Reporter, Officialship
Job Locations : Alaska