Certification - What is the role of the proctor?


What is the role of the proctor?

NCRA is partnering with ProctorU to enable you to test online in the comfort of your own home, office, or whatever location you choose. ProctorU works with a large population of Certification & Training Organizations, Higher Education and other Integrated Partners including: LexisNexis, Paralegal Institute, National Association Boards of Pharmacy, UNC at Chapel Hill, New York Law School, and many more (visit proctoru.com for a complete client list). They have thousands of proctors at proctoring centers across the country.

Proctors are provided with overall general guidelines for proctoring our testing candidates. They are not trained on steno machines or the operation of steno machines. Their role in your testing experience is to ensure that you are following NCRA’s testing rules and are not receiving any assistance during the testing process to produce your exam transcript.

If you violate any of NCRA's testing rules such as removing your headphones, moving the camera, speaking during the exam (unless answering a proctor), leaving the room, or moving outside of the camera's range, the proctor will create an incident report and your exam will result in an automatic failure.

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