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CLVS Community

Brian Clune, CLVS

Brian Clune began an extensive career in radio and television broadcast and production as an on-air radio personality, production assistant with ABC news, and an assignment editor with CNN.

In 1991, Brian helped establish the San Francisco firm, Video Solutions.  The company became a leader in the use of technology for discovery and trial.  In 1998 Video solutions became part of LegaLink.  In 2006 Brian took the position of Vice President at Merrill Legal Solutions, in charge of the Trial Presentation and Deposition Video departments for the United States.

He is a Certified Legal Video Specialist, Certified by InData on Trial director Software and has taken advanced training in the operation of Sanction software. He is currently Chair of the Trial Presentation Certificate committee, a consultant to the National Court Reporters Association on video and contributor to the textbook “Videotape in the Legal Environment.” He has published numerous articles in newspapers and journals on video technology and the use of video in training. In addition he has been a frequent speaker on the subject of digital video technology, digital delivery of deposition testimony and electronic trial presentation.

Mr. Clune is now a principal at Mark Associates, a consulting company that provides personnel and services to the legal industry.