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CLVS Community

Joe Cerda, CLVS

Originally from Houston, Texas, Joe Cerda began his career in the legal field in 1998 at Houston Reporting and Video, where he held the position of Legal Video Specialist and Trial Editor.  In 2003, he was recruited by HG Litigation Services (then known as Henjum Goucher), a small Dallas, Texas, court reporting agency.  Joe’s role in this company was “everything.”  The next five years was marked by exponential growth for HG, which transformed from a local court reporting firm with just a few employees into a national full-service litigation support firm with offices in eight cities throughout the United States.


Joe’s education and experience in his field are extensive:  he is a Certified Legal Video Specialist, Certified Visionary Trial Technician, LiveNote Certified Multimedia Expert, has advanced training in Sanction, is InData-certified on Trial Director, and possesses more than a decade of experience in multimedia litigation support.  He currently presents CLE courses for attorneys across the state of Texas and throughout the country, training them in the use of trial support software and assisting them in transitioning from conventional to paperless trials.

Joe currently serves as Multimedia Litigation & Support Manager at HG Litigation Services in Dallas, Texas.  Here he is uniquely positioned to stay at the forefront of legal technology as he oversees the daily multimedia operations of a national firm.  He is pleased to serve on the CLVS committee and welcomes the chance to give back to the profession which has given so much to him.