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CLVS Community

Bruce Balmer, CLVS

Photo of Bruce BalmerBruce D. Balmer, CIRM, CLVS, CCVS, is Vice President of CompuScripts, Inc., a full-service court reporting, closed captioning and legal video company located in Columbia, SC.  He joined the company in 2002 after spending 21 years in Manufacturing and Distribution management with Corning Glass Works, Whirlpool Corporation, and Ellett Brothers, Inc.

Bruce has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and an MBA from University of South Carolina.  He is Certified in Integrated Resource Management with the American Production and Inventory Control Society, a Certified Legal Video Specialist with NCRA, a Certified Court Video Specialist with the AGCV, and a Certified Multimedia Expert with Livenote.  He is a Visual Basic for Applications programmer, focusing on Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.  He has an extensive knowledge of software applications for business and video management.
He is married to Deborah Dusseljee, RPR and president of CompuScripts, Inc. Personal quirks include running, walking the neighborhood with Debbie and their three rescue dogs, collecting Hot Wheels, and chasing a little white ball on nicely groomed grass. He walks 18 holes in 2.4 hours. Don’t ask about his score.