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ER Information Community of Interest

NCRA has developed a Community for members interested in discussing electronic recording (ER), ER’s progress in their local area, and to add to the collective body of knowledge about how to successfully challenge ER by promoting the value of court reporters. In addition, you will find training dates, articles, and FAQs within this site. Please take a moment to explore the ER Information COI!

Chair’s Welcome

Welcome! As the Chair of NCRA’s Marketing Court Reporter Value (MCRV) Task Force, I would like to welcome you to the ER Information Community of Interest (ER Info COI). The Task Force was created out of NCRA’s commitment to helping court reporters become effective advocates for their profession. Over the last year, the MCRV Task Force has worked diligently to promote court reporter value from coast to coast by developing materials and seminars that reporters can use in their daily efforts. Many of these documents can be found right here on this Web site.

In addition to these services, the Task Force has been actively monitoring ER cases across the country. When a region is experiencing a rigorous ER obstacle, the Task Force has the ability to travel to that area to deliver its “Marketing Court Reporter Value” seminar that has been successfully put on in conferences across the country. 

Another project that we have undertaken is a letter to the editor writing campaign. On the ER Info COI, you are able to look through a letter repository filled with actual printed submissions and view sample letters to the editor. When anti-court reporting articles appear in news outlets nationwide, it is paramount that we respond firmly, passionately, and in a timely fashion. 

The Marketing Court Reporter Value (MCRV) Task Force is all about helping reporters become advocates for their profession. A variety of technologies are present in courtrooms across the country, and a court reporter’s best defense against the loss of court reporters is proactively showing court systems that live court reporters are the best way to produce the record. The MCRV Task Force can give you the tools necessary to be your own best advocate.

I hope you take a moment to peruse the Web site and digest the information that is provided for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either me or the NCRA staff liaison, Liz Hurst


Again, thanks for stopping by!




Michelle Bredemeier, RPR, CRR

Chair, Marketing Court Reporter Value Task Force

National Court Reporters Association



Last Updated January 27, 2008.