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Objections and Exhibits


FO*BGS  objection (comma), form (period).

RO*BGS   objection, relevance.

TPHO*BGS   objection, non-responsive.

HRO*BGS  objection, leading.

BORK  object to the form of the question

BORM  object to the form

BAORK  objection to the form of the question 

BAORM  objection to the form

SK*ANS  asked and answered

EU*B  I object


ST*BGS  State’s Exhibit

ST*PB  State’s Exhibit No.

KPUB    Exhibit No.

PL*BGS  Plaintiff’s Exhibit

PL*PB  Plaintiff’s Exhibit No.

DE*BGS  Defendant’s Exhibit

DE*PB  Defendant’s Exhibit No.

R*BGS  Respondent’s Exhibit

R*PB    Respondent’s Exhibit No.

TKP*BGS  Deposition Exhibit

TKP*PB  Deposition Exhibit No.