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Medical Briefs

Medical Briefs

THAOERB      anesthesia

NROLGT  neurologist

NROLG  neurology

NROL  neurological

BOIK or ABT anti-biotic

SKOL  psychological

SKOLGT  psychologist

RMDZ  reasonable degree of medical certainty

HARKT  heart attack

HAEUK   headache

B-RD  board certified

MEMT   medical treatment

AEFL   anti inflammatory

W-RMS   within a reasonable degree of medical certainty

DLIPD  duly licensed to practice medicine

K-FT  course of treatment

FAIRP  physical therapy

FAIRP/*IS  physical therapist

D-DZ  degenerative disk disease

D-D  degenerative disk

D-J   degenerative

M-FK    musculoskeletal

KPERZ   exercise 

KPERSZ    exercises 

ORP   orthopedic

ORP/*IS    orthopedist 

KPRAK    chiropractic 

KPRARK   chiropractor

TKR   Doctor


TK-R  doctor

BIPS   biopsy

H-PBLG   hemorrhage

BLAOFL   blood vessel