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Deposition Briefs

STURN    state your name

STURNDZ  state your name and address

STURND  state your name for the record

FRORD    for the record

STUFRN  state your full name

STUFRNDZ  state your full name and address

STUFRND  state your full name for the record

STURNL  state your legal name

STAURGS  state your occupation

OFD    off the record

OND    on the record

BAOND  back on the record

UMD  you may answer the question

NORGS  no more questions

NUFRGS  no further questions

UMD  you may answer the question

VUFRP  have you ever had your deposition taken before

WOUFR  would you rephrase

WOUFRTS  would you rephrase the question

WOURPT  would you repeat

WOURPTS   would you repeat the question

WIFBTS   would it be fair to say

R-R      railroad

PHR- (plus a letter on the right bank) is Mr. with a “Name” such as PHR-PL is Mr. Morris

TKR-  (plus a letter on the right bank) is Dr. with a “Name” such as TKR-PL is Dr. Morris

PH*  (plus a letter on the right bank) is Miss with a “Name such as PH*PL is Miss Morris

-P        is "that" within a phrase, such as TK-P-did that

NOTE:  The following briefs can be used for any name you want to global in or any phrase you might want to use; i.e., hyper-threading, company names, etc.

  • CLUP  
  • SLUP    
  • FLUP    
  • BLUP