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Favorite Court Briefs

PRUNS  presumption of innocence

STOEPLS  seems to me

TRAET  at any rate

ROP  range of punishment

KRUB  controlled substance

KRONG  correct me if I’m wrong

DROIX  driving while intoxicated

FLOIB  for lack of a better

SAPT  as opposed to

WRART  with regard to

TPHARD  in regard

TPHART  in regard to

K-P  capital punishment

HR*S  life sentence

KAUB  Cause No.

PL-B  plea bargain

R-RS  right to remain silent

TK-D  due diligence

RAOUFL    Rules of Civil Procedure

RAOUFRL  Rules of Criminal Procedure

NIF  knowingly, intentionally and voluntarily

GURT    give up your right

UFLS  under the influence

THAURN    Thank you, Your Honor

FAP  fair and impartial

FREUBT(S)  field sobriety test(s) 

FREUBT(S)  field sobriety test(s)

KHOL  alcohol

KHOK  alcoholic

KHOB  alcoholic beverage

DRORL  drug or alcohol

DRUFK  drug traffic

ATD  attitude                       

TKBWRATD  gratitude 

PHAGTD   magnitude            

HRATD   latitude

SK*EUS   let me ask you this: (space)

BORP  bias or prejudice

WRPT  with respect to

HAEPLT  enhancement

K-PL  capital murder

RUPG  are you pleading guilty

PWAURG  because you are guilty

TPORPBT  and for no other reason

TPR*EUBG  your own free will and accord

TRAOUPBT  true or not true

KOFBG  consent of the court

WOUBG  without consent

SPEFTS  speaks for itself

KAU-PGS  calls for speculation

RU-RD  raise your right hand

A*S  apprehension and seizure

GO-RNS  guilt or innocence

SKWRURT  jury trial

PHRAOEBS  please be seated

HRAEUPBT  ladies and gentlemen

HRAEUPBLG  ladies and gentlemen of the jury

TOERPBD   attorney ad litem

KHREFD or KHRAEFD  clear and convincing evidence     

SP*EU    Special Issue

SP*EUPB    Special Issue No.

TROG    interrogatory

TROGS    interrogatories

TRO*N    Interrogatory No.

TR*EUPBLG  Texas Department of Criminal Justice

SOT  state of Texas

S*OT  State of Texas

TKPWR*PBLG  grand jury