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CLVS Community

LaJuana R. Pruitt, CLVS

Photo of LaJuana Pruitt

LaJuana Pruitt, a native of New Mexico, left her home state in the fall of 1979 and traveled the East coast of the United States. She had intended on returning home, but after seeing Florida, her visit turned into permanent residence. LaJuana enrolled in college in 1983 for a career change.  In addition to her busy life as a full-time court reporting student, she also worked part-time in the media department of the college to support herself. Her experience in the media department cultivated a life-long passion for producing quality video and set the foundation for her future career as an entrepreneur  in the video field. In 1988, she attended the CLVS seminar in Hawaii in order to merge her prior acadmeic experience with practical knowledge.  In 1989, she earned her CLVS certification and founded Premier Video Productions.  

As the United States faced enemies abroad in Operation Desert Storm, LaJuana, with the help of other community members, set up a booth at a local mall for families to record personal videotaped messages to their loved ones who were serving overseas.  The program was a huge success, delivering much-welcome video messages to the men and women serving their country.

Premier Video Productions and LaJuana Pruitt have been proudly serving the community for more than twenty years, providing litigation video and other commercial services.