Online Skills Test Scheduling FAQs

What is block scheduling?

Block scheduling is NCRA’s new online skills testing schedule to make registration and testing an easier and more efficient process for our members. Beginning June 2019, candidates may register for a single attempt at each skills test that they are eligible for during the open registration window, and then test the following month.

Registering and testing schedule

The online skills schedule for the next few months is outlined below.

110-1 Certification - Online Skills Test Schedule_v4


Can I register for more than one test at a time?

Yes. Candidates will have the opportunity to register for a single attempt at each skills test they are eligible for and wish to take during each testing window. Candidates must register and pay for each test individually.

Example: Candidates could register for one attempt at the RPR Jury Charge if they only wish to take that leg. Or they can register for a single attempt at all three legs: Jury Charge, Literary, and Testimony. Registration will be every other month, followed by a testing window in the subsequent month.

Can I register for future test months in any registration window?

No. Only one testing window will be open for registration at a time. This testing window will be in the month immediately following your registration.

When can I schedule my test after I register?

Confirmation emails are sent within three business days of registration. Candidates should schedule their test upon receipt of their confirmation email to secure their preferred test date and time during the testing window that follows registration.

All tests must be scheduled 72 hours in advance and within the testing window that immediately follows the registration window.

How do I schedule my test?

Once you receive your confirmation email follow the instructions in the email to schedule your test online through ProctorU during the designated testing window dates. Remember, all tests must be scheduled 72 hours in advance and during the testing window for which you registered to test.

Can I test during a registration window or register during a testing window?

No. Each window is designated to its purpose. Candidates must register during a Registration Window and test during a Testing Window. No exceptions.

Do I have to test during the subsequent testing window following my registration window?

Yes. Tests not taken during the testing window immediately following the registration window will expire unless canceled before the testing window expires or the scheduled test date.

Can I extend my test registration from one testing window to the next?

No. Tests must be taken during the testing window that immediately follows the registration window. Example: Register in June 2019 must take that test during the testing window in July 2019. The test will expire after the testing window. There are no extensions.

Can I cancel a test?

Candidates needing to cancel an online skills test must cancel by the date of their scheduled test. A signed cancellation form should be sent to NCRA will retain a $35 nonrefundable processing fee for each test cancellation.



Still have questions?

For additional questions on the block scheduling for online testing, please contact