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  • Members Only
    District of Columbia State of the Nation Activities Report

    Web site: N/A Certification: Reciprocity for RPR or other states' CSR Certification Board Contact: N/A CSR Exam: Written:  No Skill:  No Contracting:  Notary Requirements:  Must be a notary to swear in witnesses.  Known Technologies: CEU Requirements: Unionized:   Page Format: Lines: Font: Pitch: Indent:

    Categories: Resources, States

  • Fellows of the Academy of Professional Reporters

    Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters is a professional distinction conferred upon a person of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the field of shorthand reporting.

    Categories: Awards

  • Captioning Corner: Local News and the Road to Success

    By Deanna Baker Here are some questions posed to me by a new captioner in the past month. Is local news captioning the bottom-of-the-barrel type of work for news captioning? It's just so hard because of all the local names, places, etc. The answer is ... it depends. Yes, local news is tough but once you're well prepared for it, and if you work for the same station on a regular basis, it m…

    Categories: Captioning

  • ExploreSteno

    Careers in captioning and court reporting

    Categories: Students, Schools, Discover Steno, careers

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    North Carolina State of the Nation Activities Report

    Web site: http://www.ncreporters.org/ Certification: No certification required for freelance reproters. RPR or CVR required for officials and must maintain all CEU requirements. Certification Board Contact: CSR Exam: Written:  NoSkill: No Contracting: Allowed but disclosure required. Notary Requirements:  Freelancers required to hold notary in order to administer oaths. Notary not required fo…

    Categories: Resources, States

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    Tennessee State of the Nation Activities Report

    Web site: http://www.tncra.com/ Certification: Voluntary Certification Board Contact: http://www.tsc.state.tn.us/programs/court-reporters/board-court-reporting CSR Exam: Tennessee uses the RPR exam for its state certification.  Contracting:  No Notary Requirements:  No Known Technologies: CEU Requirements: 2.0 Continuing Education units per two years Unionized: No Page Format: Tennessee Board of…

    Categories: Resources, States

  • Distinguished Service Award Form

    Distinguished Service award web form

    Categories: Awards, Forms

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    New Jersey State of the Nation Activities Report

      Web site:  https://CCRANJ.memberclicks.net Certification: Mandatory Certification Board Contact: State of NJ Board of Shorthand ReportingDepartment of Law and Public SafetyDivision of Consumer AffairsPO Box 45019Newark, NJ 07101Phone: (973) 504-6490 CSR Exam: Written:  YesSkill: 180 wpm Lit., 200 wpm JC, 225 wpm Q&A Reporters must pass the RPR then apply to the state board for licensure. Contrac…

    Categories: States, Resources

  • Constitution and Bylaws

    Constitution & Bylaws: Article XII–Structure Section 1–Organization The Board of Directors shall organize the Association in a manner consistent with the goals, objectives, and purposes of the Association. Section 2–Committees, Councils and Task Forces a) With the approval of the Board of Directors, the President may create and shall appoint members and chairs of such committees, councils and …

  • CEU Test - Guillain-Barr Syndrome Test

    You can earn 0.25 PDC by passing the exam following this article, which has been approved for publication by NCRA's Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters. The questions are based on the material in the article but some may require additional research. Please take these tests online by following the directions on the main JCR Article test page. 

    Categories: Advocacy, Committee

Displaying results 11 - 20 of 1600

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