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  • Making the Leap: From Local to National Captioning

    By Gary D. Robson Are you looking to caption at the national level?Here's how to do it.   You've paid your dues and put in some time captioning on a local level. TV news, perhaps, or your favorite sports team. City council meetings, or a talk show on your cable network's community access channel. Now you're ready to make the leap into national work. How do you prepare yourself? What's going to b…

    Categories: Captioning, Employment Opportunities

  • Captioning Corner: What employment opportunities are at 130?

    By Deanna Baker There would be other things besides offline captioning you could use your skills for. Offline captioning really doesn't have anything to do with steno writing, except possibly as a word processor making a transcript, if needed. And then much more is involved than transcribing, such as grammar skills, editing skills, understanding the audience, etc. Otherwise it's all computer work…

    Categories: Captioning, Employment Opportunities

  • Captioning Corner: What's the Best Theory for Captioners?

    By Deanna Baker An online student asked me what the best theory is if you want to caption. For help with this issue, I turned to caption theory experts Kathy DiLorenzo, RDR, CRR, and Amy Bowlen, RDR, CRR, both of VITAC. Kathy responded, "The best theory for captioners? I'd say a realtime theory, no? "All kidding aside, that has to be the answer: a realtime theory. It doesn't matter which one it …

    Categories: Captioning, Employment Opportunities

  • The Successful Captioner

    By Amy Bowlen Someone likely to succeed as a realtime captioner does not have a completely different set of characteristics or qualities from someone likely to succeed as a reporter working in any other environment. For that matter, the characteristics present in a successful student are probably the same as those of a successful judicial reporter, CART provider or realtime captioner. When report…

    Categories: Captioning, Employment Opportunities

  • Broadcast Captioning Firms: What You Need to Know to Get Hired

    By Michele B. Pennington So you want to break into the profession of broadcast captioning. Or maybe you are looking to transfer your court reporting skills to this growing field. Or perhaps you have been captioning for a number of years, and are just looking to join a new firm. We spoke to a number of major national broadcast captioning companies and asked them what they looked for when they hire…

    Categories: Captioning, Employment Opportunities

  • Captioning Corner: How Do I Get Started in Captioning?

    By Deanna Baker I was recently asked, "What is the best way to start a career in captioning?" That's a question that would take volumes to answer, but I'll try to do the best I can, though, in this short space. First off, watch captions as often as possible. Educate yourself as to the difference between realtime captions (live) versus offline captioning (prescripted). Watch with the mute on and of…

    Categories: Captioning, Employment Opportunities

  • Find a Job

    Find and post court reporting and captioning jobs on the NCRA Jobs board. Postings include jobs for captioners, court reporters, freelancers, legal videographers, officialships, seeking employment ads and more.

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    Member Savings Program Enjoy savings on products and services you use every day and special offers on entertainment and travel. Start saving

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