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    Steno Briefs: Tying a Question and Answer Together

    Question plus other stuff. STKPWHR-OBG – Q. Okay. STKPWHR-RT – Q. All right. STKPWHR-RS – Q. All right, sir. STKPWHR-OU – Q. Now, STKPWHR-UPB – Q. You know STKPWHR-US – Q. Uh-huh. STKPWHR-UG – Q. Huh-uh. STKPWHR-EUPBG – Q. I think STKPWHR-EUPBD – Q. I understand STKPWHR-EUZ – Q. I see. STKPWHR-APBD – Q. And STKPWHR-UR – Q. You are STKPWHR-AUR – Q. And you are STKPWHR-URP – Q. You were STKPWHR-AURP…

    Categories: Member Tools, Briefs