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  • NCRA Audit

    2014 Annual Report Download report

    Categories: Finance, Member Tools

  • Annual Business Meeting

    Access annual business meeting transcripts and information on voting.

    Categories: voting and elections, Member Tools, Business meeting

  • NCRA Information Center

    Contact us Let us know if there are additional resources you would like to see included in the Resource Center. Contact the NCRA Communications Team at PR@ncra.org

    Categories: Students, States, Schools, Media, Member Tools, Resources

  • Members Only
    Press Release Templates: Certifications & Certificates

    Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) Registered Merit Reporter (RMR) Registered Diplomate Reporter (RDR) Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) Certified Realtime Captioner (CRC) Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) Certified Reporting Instructor (CRI)

    Categories: Member Tools

  • Members Only
    Illinois State of the Nation Activities Report

      Web site: www.ilcra.org Certification: Mandatory Certification Board Contact: Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, idfpr.com.  New applications may be mailed to 100 West Randolph Street, Fl. 9, Chicago, IL  60601.  Their phone number is 888.473.4858. CSR Exam: Written:  YesSkill:  200 general dictation and 225 Q&A. Reciprocity when applying for CSR.  Contracting: Notary …

    Categories: States, Member Tools, Professionals

  • Members Only
    Steno Briefs: Tying a Question and Answer Together

    Question plus other stuff. STKPWHR-OBG – Q. Okay. STKPWHR-RT – Q. All right. STKPWHR-RS – Q. All right, sir. STKPWHR-OU – Q. Now, STKPWHR-UPB – Q. You know STKPWHR-US – Q. Uh-huh. STKPWHR-UG – Q. Huh-uh. STKPWHR-EUPBG – Q. I think STKPWHR-EUPBD – Q. I understand STKPWHR-EUZ – Q. I see. STKPWHR-APBD – Q. And STKPWHR-UR – Q. You are STKPWHR-AUR – Q. And you are STKPWHR-URP – Q. You were STKPWHR-AURP…

    Categories: Member Tools, Briefs

  • NCRA Logo Use

    Step 2 Accept the terms and agreement below. Once you complete the form accepting the terms of use, you will then be redirected to the Download Center where you can access the logos.

    Categories: Member Tools

  • Ethics First Agreement for Members Form

    Categories: Member Tools, Ethics and Business Practices

  • Teach an NCRA A to Z® Program

    NCRA A to Z program leaders work with small groups of participants as they learn how to write the alphabet and numbers in steno in a six to eight week program.

    Categories: Education, Volunteer Opportunities, Schools, Professionals, Member Tools

  • Member Resources

    Resources for members Press release templates Certifications and Certificates Using NCRA logos To download and use NCRA's logos, you must first read and accept the terms of agreement. Learn more Steno briefs The following database was developed for NCRA member CART captioners so that they can share ways to write briefs and phrases that are common, and not so common, to their area…

    Categories: Resources, Member Tools

Displaying results 1 - 10 of 14

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