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  • PDC Test - Eligible and Registered to Vote

    You can earn 0.25 PDC by passing the exam following this article, which has been approved for publication by NCRA's Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters. The questions are based on the material in the article but some may require additional research. Please take these tests online by following the directions on the main JCR Article test page. 

    Categories: Testing, Continuing Education

  • Online Skills Test Scheduling FAQs

    Beginning June 2019, candidates may register for a single attempt at each skills test that they are eligible for during the open registration window, and then test the following month.

    Categories: Certification and Testing, Testing

  • Exam Retention Policy

    Why is NCRA putting an expiration date on my test history? The new policy ensures that candidates are highly likely to maintain their skills while completing all requirements and will be more likely to pass all requirements for reporter certifications because their skills (speed and or accuracy levels) will be at their highest. Does the policy affect my test history for a certification I already …

    Categories: Testing, Certification and Testing

  • Written Knowledge Test Information

    Registration information All candidates must present a valid photo ID for verification of identity when signing in to take a test. Before you register, ensure that the first and last name on your valid photo ID match EXACTLY the first and last name in your NCRA record. Pearson VUE does not check middle names. For example, if you have recently married and NCRA has your married name, but your valid…

    Categories: Testing

  • Certification Test Center

    General information on certification exams and testing

    Categories: Testing, Certification and Testing