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  • Why Providing CART Is Fulfilling

    By Mary DeMattina After working for 13 years as a freelance court reporter in Lexington, Ky., I realized that I wanted to do something more fulfilling. I left the profession and worked for three years in a very creative field that I loved, teaching music and visual arts. This past November, I had to leave that position due to chronic health problems associated with an allergic reaction to somethin…

    Categories: Captioning

  • Realtime Hardware


    Categories: Captioning, Realtime

  • Realtime Resources

    *This list is not all inclusive and NCRA does not make representations or recommendations on any product or company*

    Categories: Captioning, Realtime

  • What is Captioning?

    Consumer resources Visit our CaptioningMatters.org site for information for consumer resources Learn more

    Categories: Broadcast and CART Captioners, Captioning

  • Members Only
    Steno Briefs: Sports Football

    Football   Touchdown T*D Field goal F*G Quarterback Q*B Halfback H*B Defensive DW-NS Offensive F*NS Football FAOBL, FOIB Yard line YARL Superbowl SBOEL Out of bounds OUBS  

    Categories: Captioning

  • Captioning Corner: How Do I Get Started in Captioning?

    By Deanna Baker I was recently asked, "What is the best way to start a career in captioning?" That's a question that would take volumes to answer, but I'll try to do the best I can, though, in this short space. First off, watch captions as often as possible. Educate yourself as to the difference between realtime captions (live) versus offline captioning (prescripted). Watch with the mute on and of…

    Categories: Captioning, Employment Opportunities

  • Steno Briefs: Sports General

    General Sports   Baseball BA*IB Basketball BOIB Football FOIB Hockey HOIK Olympian PLAOEN Olympic/s PLIK/S Out of bounds OUBS Playoff PLAUF, PLOIF Volleyball VAOBL, VOIB  

    Categories: Captioning

  • CART Bill of Rights

    CART Community Mission Statement NCRA's CART Community is committed to leading the CART profession by providing access to NCRA programs and services as well as definitive, up-to-date news and information; developing quality continuing education; facilitating networking opportunities; and by working in collaboration with CART consumers to promote excellence in the provision of Communication Access …

    Categories: CART, Captioning

  • Members Only
    Policies and Procedures Task Force

    Chair Christine Phipps, RPR, North Palm Beach, FL Members   Kristin M. Anderson, RPR, San Antonio, TX Meredith A. Bonn,  RPR, Webster, NY Tami L. Keenan, RPR, CPE, Battle Creek, MI Cathy L. Penniston,  RPR, CRI, Ottumwa, IA Staff liaison Laura J. Butler, CAP, OM, Manager, Executive & Governance Operations

    Categories: Captioning, Certification and Testing, Committee, Schools

  • NCRA PAC Newsletter

    January 2018 issue July 2017 issue May 2017 issue April 2017 issue March 2017 issue February 2017 issue

    Categories: PAC, Committee, Captioning, Advocacy

Displaying results 1 - 10 of 103

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