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  • NCRA PAC Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a PAC? A PAC, or Political Action Committee, is a fund connected to an institution or organization such as NCRA by membership but separately maintained for specific politically related functions. A PAC enables individuals to collectively support and elect persons to office whom they believe will champion their cause. In NCRA’s case, we help to support federal politicians who will keep the …

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  • Donate to NCRA PAC


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  • PAC Governing Board

    Chair Jennifer Vail-Kirkbride, RMR, CRR, CRC, Wellsburg, WV  Members Christy Bradshaw, RPR, Ocala, FL Shaunise Day, Oakland, CA Kevin R. Hunt, Buffalo, NY Jessica L. Jaynes, RPR, Traverse City, MI Patricia E Nelson, CRC, Nevada City, CA Brooke Ryan, RPR, Sacramento, CA Cyndi H. Tumlin, RPR, Scottsboro, AL Assistant treasurer Kristin Anderson RPR, San Antonio, TX Treasurer Dave Wenhold, Execu…

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  • NCRA PAC Newsletter

    January 2018 issue July 2017 issue May 2017 issue April 2017 issue March 2017 issue February 2017 issue

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  • PAC Constitution and Bylaws

    PAC Constitution PAC Bylaws PAC Constitution CONSTITUTION ARTICLE I Name The name is the National Court Reporters Association Political Action Committee (hereinafter, "NCRA PAC"). ARTICLE II Organization NCRA PAC is a separate segregated fund that is connected to and sponsored by the National Court Reporters Association (hereinafter, the “Association”).  NCRA PAC shall be independent of any…

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