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  • NCRA A to Z® Online Program

    Attend a free online six-week NCRA A to Z® Intro to Steno Machine Shorthand course to learn the basics of steno writing to discover if a career in captioning or court reporting is the right career for you.

    Categories: Broadcast and CART Captioners, Students, Court Reporters, Schools, Education


    The NCRA STRONG Task Force has been mobilized to promote stenographic captioning and court reporting as the best means to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the record. One of its missions is to combat false proclamations that digital and automatic speech recognition (ASR) methods of capturing the spoken word are equal or superior to stenographic means and/or that these methods are less expens…

    Categories: Broadcast and CART Captioners, Court Reporters, Freelancers, Professionals, Resources

  • Captioners Code of Professional Ethics

    Captioners Code of Ethics flyer

    Categories: Ethics and Business Practices, Broadcast and CART Captioners

  • Captioning Best Practices: Content Creators

    Find a Captioner

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  • Captioning Resources for Providers

    Please note that some of the content below is restricted to NCRA members only .

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  • Holocaust Survivors

    The National Court Reporters Foundation (NCRF) is very pleased to announce our agreement with the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (the Museum) in Washington, D. C., to have court reporters transcribe the histories of Holocaust survivors.

    Categories: Continuing Education, Foundation, NCRF, Volunteer Opportunities, Broadcast and CART Captioners, Court Reporters

  • What is Captioning?


    Categories: Broadcast and CART Captioners, Captioning

  • Captioning Articles

    Falling on deaf ears by Monette Benoit In this six part series, CART provider Monette Benoit answers her most frequently asked questions about CART, her experience, and the industry. Please note that all the articles listed are NCRA Members only content. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI

    Categories: Broadcast and CART Captioners, Captioning

  • Legal Aid History Project

    The Connecticut Bar Foundation is dedicated to preserving the legal profession’s history of serving Americans who need legal representation. In April 2021, the National Court Reporters Foundation entered into a new agreement with the Connecticut Bar Foundation for NCRA members to transcribe the oral histories of its leaders. The agreement provides NCRF and NCRA members the opportunity to aid…

    Categories: Foundation, Continuing Education, Students, Officials, Legal Videographers, Instructors and School Administrators, Freelancers, Court Reporters, Broadcast and CART Captioners, NCRF

  • Working With Sign Interpreters

    By Gary D. Robson Unfortunately, there's often an antagonistic or competitive relationship between sign interpreters and reporters doing CART or captioning. Generally, this stems from a lack of understanding on both sides. The solution, as in so many other cases, is education. Why Are We There? This is the first question you and the interpreter need to ask yourselves. At a fundamental level, you b…

    Categories: Broadcast and CART Captioners, Captioning