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  • CASE Award of Excellence

    The Council on Approved Student Education (CASE) Award of Excellence is conferred upon an outstanding educator. This person exemplifies dedication to students and extraordinary contributions to reporter education.

    Categories: Students, Awards, Schools, Instructors and School Administrators, Schools

  • Past Speed Contest Winners

    A listing of all the past winners of the National Speed Competition. 2016 Jeffrey Weigl 2015 Julianne LaBadia 2014 Jo Ann Bryce 2013 Dana Hayden 2012 Sherry Bryant …

    Categories: contest, Awards

  • Distinguished Service Award

    2018 Heywood Waga  2017 Nancy C. Varallo 2016 William S. Greenley (posthumously) 2015 Sandra B. VanderPol 2014 Brenda L. Fauber 2013 Ellen Co…

    Categories: Awards

  • Awards and Contests

    NCRA awards a number of honors and awards throughout the year.

    Categories: Awards

  • Fellows of the Academy of Professional Reporters

    Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters is a professional distinction conferred upon a person of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the field of shorthand reporting.

    Categories: Awards

  • Distinguished Service Award Form

    Distinguished Service award web form

    Categories: Awards, Forms

  • National Speed Contest

    The First Era: Pen Writers All of the entrants in the first National Speed Contest in 1909 were pen shorthand writers who used the Isaac Pitman system or one of its many variations. Contestants were required to hand in transcripts of only two readings, one of testimony at 280 wpm and one of a jury charge. Two jury charge takes were dictated - one at 200 wpm and one at 220 wpm - and the contestants…

    Categories: contest, Awards

  • NCRF scholarships and grants

    NCRF is proud to support students—the future of the court reporting profession— as well as new professionals in their first year as a working reporter through various scholarships and grants.

    Categories: Scholarships, Schools, NCRF, Foundation, Awards, Students, Instructors and School Administrators, Students