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  • Other Mentoring Programs

    The following state and local court reporter associations also have mentoring programs. If you would prefer to find a mentor from one of these groups, please visit their website or email them directly.  Arizona Court Reporters Association The Arizona Court Reporters Association has started a mentoring program that matches graduates with working reporters so new reporters have a buddy their fi…

    Categories: Volunteer Opportunities, Students, Students, Schools, Schools, Mentoring

  • Members Only
    Finance Committee

    Chair Kristin Anderson, RPR, Secretary-Treasurer, San Antonio, TX Members Meredith Bonn, RPR, Director, Webster, NY                Debbie Dibble, RDR, CRR, CRC, Vice President, Salt Lake City, UT          Cindy Isaacsen, RPR, Director, Shawnee, KS Jason T. Meadors, FAPR, RPR, CRR,…

    Categories: Volunteer Opportunities, Committee

  • Hard-of-Hearing Heroes Project

    Since 2003, NCRA members have helped preserve the stories of America’s war veterans for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project (VHP). Many veterans have been unable to participate, though, due to hearing loss. Until now. Help capture these veterans’ stories through NCRF’s newest Oral Histories initiativ, the Hard-of-Hearing Heroes Project. This project is the first devoted to interv…

    Categories: Broadcast and CART Captioners, Court Reporters, Freelancers, Officials, Students, Captioning, CART, Continuing Education, Foundation, NCRF, Volunteer Opportunities

  • Members Only
    Policies and Procedures Committee

    Chair Debra A. Dibble, RDR, CRR, CRC, Woodland, UT, Vice President Members Meredith A. Bonn, RPR, CRR, Webster, NY Tami L. Keenan, FAPRRPR, CPE, Battle Creek, MI Keith R. Lemons, FAPRRPR, CRR, Brentwood, TN Cathy L. Penniston, RPR, CRI, Waukee, IA Staff liaison Laura J. Butler, CAP, OM, Director, Governance

    Categories: Committee, Volunteer Opportunities

  • How to Volunteer

    Volunteers work on the committees and councils that recommend policy and accomplish the work of the Association.

    Categories: Volunteer Opportunities

  • Mentorship

    Welcome Welcome to the Virtual Mentor Program. Virtual mentoring is a way for today’s court reporters to offer students the guidance and encouragement they need to navigate the challenges they face in court reporting programs and beyond. What is virtual mentoring? Career coaching. Skills support. Professional advice. The Virtual Mentor Program brings together mentors and mentees who might not othe…

    Categories: Volunteer Opportunities, Students

  • Virtual Mentor Program FAQs

    Virtual mentoring may be a new concept to many people, and the NCRA virtual mentoring team is here to help you along the way. Following are answers to some frequently asked questions as well as some other resources for further reading. For other questions, please feel free to contact the Mentoring Program Manager. How does virtual mentoring work? Virtual mentoring is a way for court reporting prof…

    Categories: Volunteer Opportunities, Students, Students, Schools, Mentoring, Instructors and School Administrators

  • Virtual Mentor Program Handbook

    Welcome to the Virtual Mentor Program.

    Categories: Schools, Volunteer Opportunities, Professionals, Continuing Education, Mentoring, Careers, Students, Students, Schools

  • Serving on the Board

    Announcement of Slate NCRA’s Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following slate of nominees for the 2020-2021 association year. The upcoming year includes nominations for president-elect, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and two director seats for three-year terms. The current president-elect, Christine Phipps, RPR, North Palm Beach, Fla., automatically ascends to the presidency. …

    Categories: Board, Volunteer Opportunities, NCRA Board

  • Members Only
    NCRA Committees & Councils

    To help the Association function more effectively and address the needs of the membership, NCRA maintains a number of committees and task forces.

    Categories: Committee, Volunteer Opportunities

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