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Committees & Task Forces

Broadcast and CART Captioning Committee

The Broadcast and CART Captioning Committee identifies, develops, and updates programs, products, and services for the broadcast and CART captioning communities.


Stephen H. Clark, CRC, Washington, DC

Cynthia M. Hinds, CRC, Mabank, TX


Deanna P. Baker, FAPR RMR, Flagstaff, AZ

Sandra L. Burns, RPR, CRR, St. Albert, AB

Saba McKinley, RPR, CRI, Long Beach, CA

Gail Olson, Fountain Valley, CA

Darlene M. Parker, RPR, Reston, VA

Stacey Marie Potenza, CRC, Limon, CO

Lindsay Anne Stoker, RPR, CRC, Fullerton, CA

Staff liaison

Matthew R. Barusch, Manager, State Government Relations