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School Administrators

Best Practices, Recruitment and Student Retention for Administrators


In 2007, the School Owner/Admin Best Practice Community of interest the committee discussed putting together a survey on school recruitment practices.  All members agreed that recruitment and student retention were the critical topics to be addressed, and they discussed the process for developing a concept paper.  The committee then began identifying the issues to be considered in its paper.  In 2008, recruitment practices from various schools were collected.  Those concepts were developed into seven sets of questions that were identified as areas of interest.    These seven questions were sent out to the School Owners/Administrators listserv for discussion and compilation.  The goal was to end up with a recruiting and advertising list of best practices that could be posted on the website.

School Owners/Administrators and Teachers – Roundtable Discussion
August 2009

At the 2009 Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., members of the teaching and administrative community came together to present these results to the community. Their presentation materials are available below.