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NCRA CASE student scholarship

Council on Approved Student Education (CASE) student scholarship

This scholarship is offered through the National Court Reporters Association. Students must meet the eligibility requirements and submit the completed application listed below to qualify for the scholarship. Notification of the CASE Scholarship is sent each February to all NCRA-approved court reporting programs. 

The nomination period for the 2018 CASE student scholarship will open February 1.

The first place winner will receive $1,500; second place, $1,000; third place, $750; fourth place, $500, and fifth place, $250.

To be eligible to apply for the CASE student scholarship, students must meet the criteria below: 

  • Attend an NCRA-approved court reporting program;
  • Hold student membership in NCRA;
  • Have attained an exemplary academic record;
  • Have passed one skills test writing 140-180 words per minute at the time of submission

The following documents are required to be submitted for application:

  • Speed verification form;
  • Three recommendation forms;
  • A copy of the student's most recent transcript;
  • An essay on a subject to be determind

Submit the entire application to

 Please check back here for the 2018 scholarship forms. 

*Students who have previously been awarded a CASE scholarship are not eligible to apply.

For more information on the CASE student scholarship, please contact a member of our Education Team at