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Captioning Community

Passing the CBC (Certified Broadcast Captioner) Exam

Why should you take the CBC exam? To establish yourself as a Certified Broadcast Captioner and to acknowledge yourself as an expert in the field. The CBC is an entry-level exam that measures the knowledge, skill and accuracy of the candidate to produce an accurate, simultaneous translation and display of broadcasts utilizing realtime translation software.


  • Know your software
  • Learn how to make and transfer an ASCII file to disk
  • Practice writing, make a disk, and grade what you wrote
  • Read through the materials you receive when you register for the exam BEFORE you get to the test site
  • Check your bag for necessary cables, disks, power cords, etc.
  • Take the test in upper case
  • Be sure that you have removed conflicts from your dictionary (ex: by/bye/bi/buy)
  • Read the JCR and other NCRA publications
  • Know the laws governing captioning
  • Attend a workshop

The NCRA CAPR (Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters) Realtime Certification Committee finalized a CBC Job Analysis that breaks down how a captioner spends his/her time:


Writing realtime 35%
Language skills 25%
Writing realtime in the broadcast environment 25%
Research 15%

For information on how to prepare for the CBC exam, please view the CBC Study Guide [Acrobat]