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By Michelle Theurer (Brooklyn, NY)

The Need for CART/Captioning, Member Review

Listening Closely: The Basics of Hearing Loss and the Need for CART and Captioning Services

Saturday, August 11, 10 - 11:30 a.m., by Arlene Romoff


The seminar was very informative and beyond inspiring! Arlene Romoff, author and advocate, really painted a picture of what it is like to go from normal hearing to total deafness.

She expressed how hearing loss is devastating. She described court reporters as her angels; she felt we pulled her back into the real world. Living in silence felt like purgatory and inhuman. She made us understand the power in our hands, how we can save someone’s humanity.

Her words - “captioning made me a human being again” - were so inspiring. Arlene Romoff is a well-spoken woman who taught me so much in a short time.

Arlene described the mechanics of cochlear implants and how these implants help the hearing impaired. She also emphasized the importance of captioning should these devices break down.                             

Captioning is for conferences, movies, and so much more. There is nothing as accurate as a reporter. We cut down the barrier between the hard-of-hearing and the world. Thank you so much for your knowledge, inspiration, and reminder of the special gift that can change a life.