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Vendors at TechCon 2013

eDepoze exhibited the convenience of using electronic documents as deposition exhibits, through its cloud-based system with an iPad interface. The system allows users to introduce, mark, and share exhibits, and then review and annotate personal copies of each exhibit. The eDepoze works the same locally and remotely, enabling a fully functional remote deposition.

DepositionConferencing.Com has been proudly serving the legal community for more than nine years, offering solutions for remote attendees that are easy to use for both court reporters and attorneys. Their model provides an additional revenue stream for the court reporting agency.


Integrated Realtime Solutions

Integrated Realtime Solutions demonstrated the fully integrated realtime setups to individual court reporters and agencies that it sells and supports. The system is available for purchase in a starter, basic, or pro kit, or can be customized to meets a client's specific needs.  All of the company’s systems are designed for ease of use, require little maintenance, and provide trouble-free realtime. Integrated Realtime Solutions also provides IT support via e-mail or phone and free training sessions.


IRS Problem Solvers

Phil Liberatore, CPA


Philip L. Liberatore, CPA is a court reporter's tax expert.   We have over 30 years of experience in servicing thousands of court reporters with all of their tax and accounting needs. We are a professional tax organization dedicated to providing customized services, accuracy, timeliness, and consistency to maximize tax savings. showcased its Legal Industry product that offers hassle-free web-based deposition and video conferencing solutions for court reporting agencies, court reporters, paralegals, industry experts and legal teams to conduct realtime streaming depositions. The company also offers mobile apps accessible via iPhones, iPads and Android enabled tablets or smart phones.



ProCAT demonstrated its Impression writer product, the latest in writer technology that offers an incredible touch system designed to alleviate discomfort in wrists and hands. Users swipe their finger across the screen rather than pushing button after button. The company also demonstrated the latest features of its Winner 11.3 and provided information on system upgrades.


RealLegal  800-548-3668

RealLegal provides transcript management tools to court reporting firms, freelance reporters, official reporters, courts and law firms. Developed with input from both court reporting and legal professionals, these distinctive products fit into the unique workflow of the litigation process. The result is greater efficiency, lower costs, and more opportunity for real growth.


Realtime Learning Systems/Realtime Coach

MyRealtimeCoach™, the leading skill-building system for reporters and students, and the company chosen by NCRA to deliver Certification Skills Tests online, demonstrated its 24-hour accessible, web-based myRealTimeCoachTM program. The program allows subscribers access to thousands of practice scenarios and drills, as well as receive instant feedback on the same system used to give the skills test.  



StenoCast showcased its StenoCast Ez Send, which offers simple, safe and secure plug and play wireless realtime services to clients, as well as its StenoCast Realtime Transcript Viewer, which requires no configuration. Also featured, was the company’s StenoCast Emerald product, which converts old steno machines to wireless. 


Stenograph, L.L.C.

Stenograph, the number one manufacturer and marketer of shorthand writers and computer-aided transcription software, and other industry-related supplies, showcased its products and services as well as information about its Prince Institute, which has locations in Alabama, Denver and Illinois.


Visionary Legal Technologies

VLT a leading technology provider for the legal industry since 1990, exhibited its Visionary Auto-Syncer, the first system to use voice-recognition and considered by many to be the fastest and most accurate. Other products and services showcased included V-Print, which delivers transcriptions with no monthly fees, and V8 Pro, the industry leading Discovery Management & Trial Presentation software.



YesLaw demonstrated its YesLaw Generator software that enables court reporters to easily synchronize transcripts to video files; upload transcripts, exhibits and video files for on-line hosting and produce YesLaw discs – a complete branded disc deliverable containing transcripts, hyperlinked exhibit files, video files and the YesLaw player software.