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Dictionary Jumpstart, Member Review

Vendor Showcase: Dictionary Jumpstart – Is Your Dictionary Interfering with Realtime?

Saturday, August 11, 2 – 3:30 p.m., By Anissa Nierenberger


The adorable Anissa Nirenberger discussed her program but also advised us to have five backups for our dictionary, including flash drives in your fireproof safe, in your safe deposit box, and at Mozy (free) or Carbonite of Dropbox in the Cloud (also free). She recommended the books Writing Naked and Realtime Writing for great tips on writing clean realtime. She suggested putting an asterisk between your stacking letters as in stabg/s-g/a/pain. Should read stacking is a pain, but reads stacks g a pain. Put the asterisk between the s and the g, and every word that comes up with the stacking issue will come out clean without having to redefine every time in your dictionary. She recommended the StenEd Realtime dictionary of phrases and the Merriam Webster website (