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Tech Tips 2.0, Member Review

Tech Tips 2.0

Saturday, August 11, 10 – 11:30 a.m., by Sue Terry and Rick Greenspan


Sue Terry and Rick Greenspan talked about every possible device you can now use at deposition. Rick quipped that he brings a printer to every depo, and it must be true because he advised audience members to go to the NCRA website to see what he brings to every job. (It’s on NCRA’s YouTube channel (; look in the Realtime Hookup Series for his video.) They discussed Andrea Pure Audio Sound Card to increase the quality of the sound; using using a hotspot to share your screen with up to 250 peopel; a cradlepoint router; Connectify; the ability to turn on Windows 7 for sharing; using a Martel clamp to reduce interference on your microphone; a Bamboo stylus for the iPad; and Cloud services such as Dropbox. Jotnot pro is supposed to give perfect resolution when scanning in exhibits, and he recommended the DoxieGo scanner or Fujitsu scansnap. He uses Scanner pro app to do exhibits and send to Dropbox, uses iSound battery backup for his iPad, airprint for iPad and Avast (AVG) and Microsoft Security Essentials as virus protection. Rick uses an iPad for proofreading his work.