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Trial Presentation, Member Review

Trial Presentation

Saturday, August 11, 8 – 9:30 a.m., by James DeCrescenzo


(Caution: dirty joke here)

James DeCrescenzo spoke mainly about video depositions and their importance at trial when synced with our transcripts. He delivers all transcripts to his clients with synchronized audio and has done so since 2001. He says it doesn’t matter if the transcript does not exactly match the audio as we must do whenever a transcript is videotaped (at least that’s my agency’s policy), but says he wants a readable, usable transcript. Scopists in his office listen to each transcript submitted via email by reporters and compare it against the audio.

Great (but dirty) joke: Doctor is being videotaped and says this is his first depo. Attorney says “So your jurisprudence hymen just got broken.” The doctor quipped back: “No, my jurisprudence rectum just got stretched.”

Jim showed examples of good framing when doing a video and how videographers can be tripped up at trial by attorneys hoping to slip something in that the other side doesn’t want, especially if the videographer provided an excerpt as requested by the sneaky attorney.