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NCRF Thanks VHP Day Participants – Photos Now Available

NCRF would like to thank all of those who participated in the AIB College of Business VHP Day. A complete list of those who participated as well as photos from the event are now available from the November 11, 2009 (Veterans’ Day) event at the Des Moines, Iowa campus. 

View the participants and the photos.

Twenty-three wartime veterans and their families traveled to the AIB campus to share their wartime experiences.  Members of Iowa’s Court Reporting Association volunteered their time and talent to interview and transcribe the veterans’ stories.  These oral histories will be archived at the U. S. Library of Congress so that future generations of Americans will know of the sacrifices they made to ensure America’s freedom.

In a letter of thanks, one veteran wrote: “Everyone involved was so gracious and respectful and really made me feel honored.”  We at NCRF would like to offer our thanks to AIB for a job well done!!

More information on the National Court Reporters Foundation and the Veterans History Project.