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Ethics First Program Launched

More than a decade ago, NCRA adopted as part of its Code of Professional Ethics a gift-giving policy that prohibits giving gifts totaling a value of more than $100 per recipient per year to attorneys, clients, and others. The Board of Directors in 2008 asked the Committee on Professional Ethics to review the policy.

As a result of that process, COPE Advisory Opinion No. 45 was issued to clarify the association's policy on gift giving.

In addition, the Ethics First program was created as a positive and proactive effort to encourage reporters, firms, and the clients they serve to promote the impartiality and the neutrality of the reporting profession and avoid inappropriate gift giving and gift acceptance. When used correctly, the Ethics First trademark is designed to instill public confidence in and support for the court reporting profession.

The Ethics First campaign includes information that reporters can share with their clients about gift giving and an Ethics First logo.

Ethics First Information