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Member Value Proposition Report Issued

NCRA membership — particularly the student member category — has been declining for over a decade. In the face of shrinking school enrollments, fewer graduates, smaller membership totals, and an expanding list of member benefit programs, what can the association do now to help it and its members survive and thrive into the future?

In fall 2006, the NCRA Board of Directors initiated a Member Value Proposition project to explore and answer those questions. A team of NCRA members, which did not include any sitting officers or directors, was appointed to work with Decision Strategies International on researching relevant issues and developing alternative scenarios. The MVP team completed its work in November 2007. The NCRA Board reviewed the MVP team's report over a weekend in December and put together changes to NCRA's strategic plan to guide association activities. The proposed revisions to the strategic plan will be considered by the Board at its March meeting.

Learn about the issues facing the profession and NCRA's plans for dealing with them at the above links and in the March 2008 JCR.