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JCR: Journal of Court Reporting

February 2007 JCR

Archiving in the Electronic Age
By Judith Sears

Captioners and Telephones: What You Need to Know About Your Phone Lines
By Gary Robson

What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
By Diane M. Gray


Inside Reporting

  • Practically Speaking
    Protecting Our Reputations
    By Merilyn Marquardt-Sanchez
  • People
    I Need a "Philadelphia Court Reporter"
    By Beth Huber-Berry 
  • CLVS
    Working with a Videographer
    By Brian P. Bruce Sr.
  • CEU Corner
    Dogmatic Devotion
    By Renee Cohen 
  • Scoping
    Living Well on Just Pages a Day
    By Al Cantwell
  • Key Notes
    Dotting I's, Crossing T's Part I
    By Ed Varallo
  • NCRA Notes
    November 2006 Board Meeting Summary
  • 2006 Speed Contest
    220 wpm Literary

Professional Resources


Inside CART/Captioning