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February 2013 JCR

February 2013 JCR

Inside the Febuary 2013 JCR issue:

Court reporting couples

By Linda Smolkin

What happens when court reporters capture not only the spoken word but each other's hearts?

Why should you be certified

By Marianne Cammarota

Certification is how many professionals maintain their standing. But it is also a matter of taking pride in yourself and in your profession.

Five ways to love court reporting

NCRA announced that "National Court Reporting and Captioning Week" will be held February 17-23, 2013, as a way to get attention about what great careers court reporting, captioning, and CART can be. Want to help? Here's how.


Realtime Systems Administrator certificate: What does it buy you?

By Susanne Bergling

What does the Realtime Systems Administrator certificate buy me? Will my clients understand and appreciate the meaning of this additional certificate? How can I make it work for me?

TechCon 2013 set to exceed debut

Learn more about NCRA's unique tech event and take a fun approach to learning this April.