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January 2013 JCR

January 2013 JCR

Inside the January 2013 JCR issue:

The realtime experiment: The results are in

By Monica Schroeder

One reporter decided to use her work as an experiment to see if offering realtime on every job would be a benefit to both her and the client.

Seven apps to put on your smartphone now

By Robin Nodland

Seven smartphone apps that can improve your life.

My top 10 productivity gadgets

By Lynette Mueller

What do you need to take to the job with you other than your steno machine? One court reporter lists her top 10 productivity tools. Are there any you can add to your arsenal?


How to fail a test you’re perfectly prepared for

By Keith Lemons

Have you ever known you were perfectly equipped to pass a test and failed it anyway? Whether it’s the CSR, the RPR, or the Realtime Systems Administrator, the exams can test not only your skill but your ability to work under pressure.

Cybersquatting: Don’t be a victim or a perpetrator

By Lisa Migliore-Black

One court reporter learned how important it was to protect her business online.  Here’s what she learned from her experience and what you need to know.