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November 2012 JCR

November 2012 JCR

In the November 2012 issue:

Can working reporters impact student retention?

By Patricia L. Dean Ziegler

“Yes, they can!” says one teacher. And her ideas are backed by a community of working reporters. Are you ready to help students, too?

So you got your RSA: Now what?

By Jim Woitalla

Once you have earned your realtime credentials, are you ready to put your training to the test? Whether it's getting your clients to jump on the realtime bandwagon, giving back through TRAIN or your state association, or just keeping up with the constantly changing world of technology, there's still more to learn.

NCRF and the Veterans’ History Project

By Linda Smolkin

It’s time to remember for future generations. NCRF, the Library of Congress, and court reporters save veterans' stories for posterity.