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October 2012 JCR

Inside the October 2012 JCR issue:

Stadium captioning

By Jen Schuck

Three captioners talk about what it’s like to caption sports for the fans in the stadiums.

Realtime tips and tricks

By Linda Smolkin

Are you trying to make your realtime feed the best it can be? We asked our members for some tricks of the trade. Get some advice on providing realtime through CART, the secret to improving realtime skills, and tips on how to get certified.

Dream / Believe / Inspire

  • Bylaws changes approved by members
  • Six new Fellows announced
  • Jerry Kelley receives Distinguished Service Award
  • Irv Starkman honored with NCRF’s Award for Altruism
  • Honors and Awards
  • Bryant wins Speed Contest; Milcowitz new Realtime Champion