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September 2012 JCR

September 2012 JCR

Inside the September 2012 JCR issue:

The demand for draft transcripts

By Nancy Varallo

You may think that you need to wait for lawyers to ask you for draft transcripts or fast turnaround. But what if you were the person who could create that demand?

Mentoring: the ultimate gift

By Deanna P. Baker

One reporter recalls how mentors helped her get started in the court reporting profession — and how she hopes to pay it forward.

Get the specs: realtime viewers

By the Technology Evaluation Committee

Are you thinking about which realtime viewer you want to load on the computers you loan clients? Here's an easy way to compare them side by side.

Gaming with NCRA

By Marianne Cammarota

Are you “courting disaster”? An online game developed by NCRA may be the cool new way to test your reporter know-how.