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The Journal of Court Reporting

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January 2018 JCR Issue

They don’t call me “Early” for nothing!; High profile trials in a high-profile city; Turning realtime excuses into realtime reality; 2018 Court Reporting & Captioning Week

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November/December 2017 JCR Issue

The many joys of working abroad; 2018 NCRA Firm Owners Executive Conference heads to Florida; What you want to know: CAT software; Get the most out of macros

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October 2017 JCR Issue

Cart captioning en francais; NCRA Convention & Expo Coverage; NCRF’s Major Gifts donors; Recruiting the next generation

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Sept 2017 JCR cover
September 2017 JCR Issue

Captioners say, “I love my job!”; Conquer your realtime mountain; Stepping into retirement

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July 2017 JCR Issue

Antivirus programs: What you need to know; Writing the Oscars: Reporters on the red carpet; Court reporting as a second career; Tips for making realtime work for you

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June 2017 JCR cover
June 2017 JCR Issue

Reporting in Nigeria; Cybersecurity protection; Business 101; How to impress attorneys

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May 2017 JCR Issue

Preserving history; 2017 NCRA Convention & Expo; My first days on the job; The aspiring realtime warrior

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April 2017 JCR Issue

Secrets for better realtime; Fun and learning at Firm Owners: Advice for earning the RPR; Industry update

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March 2017 JCR cover
March 2017 JCR Issue

Weighing the benefits of employees and independent contractors; Remote reporting in the courts; Making practice more productive; Court Reporting & Captioning Week

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Feb17 JCR Cover
February 2017 JCR Issue

Weighing the benefits of employees and independent contractors; Remote reporting in the courts; Making practice more productive; Court Reporting & Captioning Week

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Jan. 2017 JCR cover
January 2017 JCR Issue

Top of the captioner cake; The perfect getaway; Writing the Republican and Democratic National Conventions; NCRA announces new benefits

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JCR November 2016
November/December 2016 JCR Issue

Build your business; Realtime writing and realtime scoping in Jamaica; Get realtime-capable now; A well-rounded life

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JCR Cover Oct 2016
October 2016 JCR Issue

Five steps to build a million-dollar court reporting business; NCRA Convention & Expo Coverage; Practice: It’s a necessity not an option; Technology’s role in growing a business

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September 2016 JCR cover
September 2016 JCR Issue

Hear from the Intersteno keyboarding winners; Archival storage of steno notes; Realtime training; Build a family as you build a firm

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July 2016 JCR cover
July 2016 JCR Issue

Easy guide to LLCS, S-corps, and other taxing questions; Family ties; I played a reporter on TV; Top 20 apps for reporters; Realtime technology and start-up costs

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June 2016 JCR cover
June 2016 JCR Issue

No fear: Getting past realtime roadblocks, Court reporters who thrive, CLVS: (L)earning your ABCs, NCRA Speed and Realtime Contests: Just do it, State of the industry

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JCR Cover - May 2016
May 2016 JCR Issue

Find out what your clients want, NCRA Convention & Expo: Join your colleagues in the Windy City, Realtime options guide, Online testing: It’s all in the details, Boot Camp report, NCRA 2015 Annual Report

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JCR Cover - April 2016
April 2016 JCR Issue

Episode 1: Realtime readiness, Court Reporting & Captioning Week sparks awareness nationwide, Helping lawyers and judges create the record, Realtime and WiFi: Some things you really need to know

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JCR March 2016 Cover
March 2016 JCR Issue

Technology: The benefits of early adoption; Court reporters, entrepreneurs, and more; Announcing winners of the JCR Awards; Reporting the State of the Union

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February 2016 JCR issue
February 2016 JCR Issue

Harnessing the power of steno macros; Providing access for clients who are deaf-blind; Managing your online reputation; NCRA Board of Directors to mark 2016 Court Reporting & Captioning Week

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January 2016 JCR
January 2016

Learn from secret agents; Take Note: Year in review; Does online testing lead to less anxiety?; Predict your future

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Nov_Dec 2015 JCR Cover
November/December 2015 JCR

Captioning the pope; Getting motivated; Make rough drafts shine; Serving the courts

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October 2015 JCR
October 2015 JCR

Preparation guide for flawless realtime output; Are you ready to upgrade to Windows 10?; NCRA Convention & Expo coverage; New professionals: Tips from the pros

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September 2015 JCR

Get in gear for NCRA’s online skills testing; What you need to know about NCRA’s Realtime Systems Administrator program; Trends in continuing education: Learning smarter

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JCR July 2015
July 2015 JCR

Speed vs. accuracy; Favorite tech gadgets; The student's guide to practice; Tips for court reporters

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JCR June 2015
June 2015 JCR

On the horizon: eDiscovery; A meteor named Rocky; Court reporters Down Under; What’s your realtime quotient?

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May 2015 JCR

Your other clients; A day in the life of a CART captioner; Business tips for freelancers; For the HRU*F of language

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JCR April 2015
April 2015 JCR

Benchmark Survey Results; 2015 Court Reporting & Captioning Week celebrated; Can providing realtime increase your revenue?; Courtroom hearing: From depositions to courtroom CART

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JCR March 2015
March 2015 JCR

Backing up and the cloud; What I carry in my bag; In the marketplace; TRAIN: Favorite tips & tricks.

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JCR February 2015
February 2015 JCR

Finding opportunities for realtime reporters; The nation is Taking Note; "The Judge"; The latest news on online testing

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January 2015 JCR

Jetsetting reporters; Cross-border court reporting; How to promote the profession; What realtime means to me

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JCR Thumb Nov Dec 2014
November/December 2014

Capturing a piece of history; NCRA’s Firm Owners event offers inspiration; Putting realtime into practice; Four of a kind: Steno machines by the numbers

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October 2014

Realtime-a-palooza; 2014 NCRA Convention coverage; Industry Outlook Report; Latest trends in the courthouse

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September 2014

NCRA launches new student initiative; Passing the test; TRAIN: Advice on writing realtime

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July 2014

The rewards of competition; Why realtime is important; Solve realtime problems – your way; Realtime technology then and now

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June 2014

TRAIN: Your next realtime stop; Captioning update; State of the CART; Family law acronyms

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May 2014

Working for the profession, In case of disaster, To brief or not to brief, In defense of court reporters

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April 2014

State of Business: How does your firm measure up?

March 2014 JCR
March 2014 JCR

In the March 2014 JCR read about Windows 8 shortcuts, Apps that improve court reporters' productivity and TRAIN

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February 2014 JCR
February 2014

In the Feburary 2014 JCR read about making your entire body – and mind – a top priority by supporting your back, minimizing stress, and keeping your memory sharp for those long days on the job.

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JCR Jan 2014
January 2014 JCR

In the January 2013 JCR read about how to be the best you can be.

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November / December 2013

In the November / December 2013 JCR read about the 10-Year Anniversary of the National Court Reporters Foundation's participation with the Veterans History Project to preserve veteran's stories.

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October 2013 JCR

In the September 2013 JCR read about thinking like an Olympian; learn the skills for success; meet the Guiness challengers; and get a convention wrap-up.

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September 2013 JCR

In the September 2013 JCR read about thinking like an Olympian; learn the skills for success; meet the Guiness challengers; and get a convention wrap-up.

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2013 July/August JCR
July 2013 JCR

In the July/August 2013 JCR read about how Court reporters chime in on how playing musical instruments helped with their careers; how stenographers chase the dream of becoming the fastest in the world, one reporter considers the extraordinary; about NCRA’s Legal Video Conference brings great educational opportunities to legal video community; and how NCRA’s second technology conference offered ample chances for attendees to net - work and learn more about the influx of technology.

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2013 June JCR
June 2013 JCR

In the June 2013 JCR read about true tales from the transcript, marketing for court reporters, NCRF's legal education program, and how to hit the high note of your career in Nashville.

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2013 May JCR
May 2013 JCR

In the May 2013 JCR read about tips for realtime success, business smart court reporting, and boot camp brings benefits for court reporters.

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April 2013 JCR
April 2013 JCR

In the April 2013 JCR read about From court to CART, Fresh format at Firm Owners, Economic outlook for 2013, and 10 Reasons to be a reporter

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March 2013 JCR
March 2013 JCR

In the March 2013 JCR read about Connecting words via the Internet, 9 ways to beat stress, Tips to pass the Skills Test, and Where is NCRA's TRAIN heading next?

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Feebruary 2013 JCR
February 2013 JCR

In the February 2013 JCR read about Court reporting couples - Why should you be certified - Five ways to love court reporting - Realtime Systems Administrator certificate: What does it buy you? - NCRA's TechCon.

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January 2013 JCR
January 2013 JCR

In the January 2013 JCR read about Smartphone apps for reporters, the top 10 productivity tools, read about Cybersquatting, and learn how to be the best you can be.

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November 2012 JCR
November 2012 JCR

In the November 2012 issue learn about how working reporters impact student retention, what you can do with your RSA credential, and about NCRF and the Veterans' History Project.

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October 2012 JCR

In the October 2012 JCR read about what it's like to caption sports inside a stadium; read about some realtime tips and tricks; and learn what happended at the 2012 NCRA Annual Convention in Philadelphia.

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September 2012 JCR
September 2012 JCR

In the September 2012 JCR read more about NCRA's newly installed president, Tami Smith, the demand for draft transcripts, and metoring -- the ultimate gift.

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September 2012 JCR
July 2012 JCR

In the July 2012 JCR learn about the benefits of the Realtime Systems Administrator program, read about the Steno Opportunities in the Court Report and how to achieve excellence in realtime.

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June 2012 JCR

Want to know what it's like to report a high-profile trial? Need tips to perfect your business? Ready to get on board NCRA's TRAIN? Find out more in this month’s JCR.

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2012 May JCR
May 2012 JCR

Learn how to pass the Realtime Systems exam, pack your freelance bag, or what happens when court reporters storm Capitol Hill … all in this month’s JCR.

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April 2012 JCR

Want to know if your dictionary is getting in the way of your realtime? Whether you’re ready to report proceedings remotely? Or what reporters’ most memorable moments on the job were? Get it all in the April JCR.

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March 2012 JCR Members Only Content

In the March 2012 JCR issue get inspired by these reporters' hobbies, get information on NCRA's Realtime Systems Administrator program, and more! The digital version of the March 2012 JCR is now online.

February 2012 JCR
February 2012 JCR Members Only Content

In the February 2012 JCR learn about the road to realtime; captioners remembering their audience; tax tips; what we can learn from interpreters; and ttate by state - certification, reciprocity, and notary requirements

January 2012 JCR
January 2012 JCR Members Only Content

In the January 2012 JCR learn about Tearing down the walls for providing realtime; Writing our future in the Cloud; Strategic trial graphics and presentation; NCRA showcases the profession at CTC2011; and Is online education the future of court reporting?

November/December 2011 JCR
November/December 2011 JCR Members Only Content

In the November/December 2011 JCR learn about shorthand and briefs; find out how things went in Paris at Intersteno; learn about our international collegues and their careers; and read about how NCRF is preserving the profession's posterity.

October 2011 JCR Members Only Content

In the October 2011 JCR learn what lies ahead for the legal industry, find out about internet caption delivery and read all about what happend at the 2011 NCRA Annual Convention in Las Vegas -- what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas!

Graphic for the September 2011 issue of the JCR
September 2011 JCR Members Only Content

Read NCRA President Doug Friend's letter to the membership. Also NCRA takes a look back at September 11, ten years later.

July/August JCR 2011 Issue
July/August 2011 JCR Members Only Content

Read about a reporters travel to Israel, how total immersion might possibly help court reporting education, the consequences of a ban on wireless realtimne services, and learn how to educate the legal community on the role of court reporters.

June 2011 JCR Issue
June 2011 JCR Members Only Content

Learn about tips to increase your speed, search and the court reporting industry, and learning how a videographer and the court reporter can work together as a team.

May 2011 JCR Issue
May 2011 JCR Members Only Content

Read about the pros and cons of captioning sports, the results of the completed firm owners survey, all about the Isaeli Supreme Court, and the insiders guide to the Las Vegas strip.

April 2011 JCR Issue
April 2011 JCR Members Only Content

Read about what's in it for you to provide realtime, how should you charge for services, and learn about the reporters that are helping to preserve our veteran's memories.

March 2011 JCR
March 2011 JCR Members Only Content

Read about about some tips to make sure things run smoothly when a court reporter and a videographer work together, the second part of a series about reporters who were inspired by a relative to take up reporting, and learn the opinions of four members on the current direction of the association and the profession.

February 2011 JCR Members Only Content

Read the first part of a series about reporters who were inspired by a relative to take up reporting, learn about how to protect yourself from 21st century computer disasters, and how to handle private data in your transcripts.

January 2011 JCR Members Only Content

Read about some tips in getting better organized, learn about the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, and learn how you can volunteer to help your association and profession.

November/December 2010 JCR Members Only Content

In this issue learn why judges and litigators prefer realtime reporters, read how to avoid computer mistakes, learn why certification is good for you and read about the opening of the new Gallery of Shorthand in New York.

Ocotber 2010 JCR
October 2010 JCR Members Only Content

In this issue learn tips on not getting sued, gain emotional control, and read about what happened at the NCRA Annual Convention in Chicago.

September 2010 JCR
September 2010 JCR Members Only Content

Learn about privacy data, what's happening with voice-to-text software, learn about the issues facing official reporters, and what to do about slurred speech.

July/August 2010 JCR
July/August 2010 JCR Members Only Content

Learn about what's happening on the association level, get an update on digital recording and learn about NCRF's Legal Education Program.

June 2010 JCR Members Only Content

Read about the history of Captioning and CART, learn about the new Gallery of Shorthand, and find out what you can do in Chicago while you attend the NCRA Annual Convention.

May 2010 JCR
May 2010 JCR Members Only Content

Read how to overcome your anxiety about realtime, learn the value of certification in today's economy, and read about seven individuals -- each of whom is in a different career path within the court reporting and captioning profession.

April 2010 JCR
April 2010 JCR Members Only Content

Reading about how pooling has become popular in some courthouses, learn what it takes to become a high-performance professional, and read about the King assasination conspiracy trial.

March 2010 JCR
March 2010 JCR Members Only Content

Learn how court reporters are doing their part to preserve our veteran's memories, read how NCRA defended official reporters against ER white paper, and learn what you can do to make things better.

February 2010 JCR
February 2010 JCR Members Only Content

Read about how being an independent contractor or employee can make the IRS attentive, find out the reasons most members join NCRA, and learn about the complexities of the South African legal system.

January 2010 JCR
January 2010 JCR Members Only Content

Review the survey of Official Court Reporters, learn some solutions to three common reporting mistakes, read about the Court Technology Conference, and review two consumers views of captioning.

November/December JCR
November/December 2009 JCR Members Only Content

Read about court reporting records, read if the advent of PACER is hurting copy sales, learn if automated transcription systems can replace reporters, read about the status of the captioning industry, and read about the two new certificate programs.

October 2009 JCR
October 2009 JCR Members Only Content

In this issue learn what copy might be worth, read a humorous take on agencies, and look back at the 2009 Annual Convention.

September 2009 JCR
September 2009 JCR Members Only Content

Inside this issue read about the court reporters that helped rebuild houses in New Orleans, learn how high-performance professionals are different, learn about the role of shorthand in the election of Abraham Lincoln, and read about a collection of oaths good for any occasion or witness.

July 2009 JCR
July/August 2009 JCR Members Only Content

Learn how to cope witnessing the pain of others, read about the challenges and triumphs of a freelance reporter, what court reporter really needs reality television, and how has the recession cut into court reporting?

June 2009 JCR
June 2009 JCR Members Only Content

Read about: web 2.0 for reporters; the power of artificial intelligence; can freelancers survive on flat rates; and digital signatures in plain English.

May 2009 JCR
May 2009 JCR Members Only Content

Read about: Is a Steno Glove in Your Future; Boot Camp 2009; Transcriptions for Real Life; The Generation Divide; and Washington, D.C. A destination that offers it all!

April 2009 JCR
April 2009 JCR Members Only Content

Read about: The Professional Freelance Reporter; Are Deposition Records Public or Private; and Now What? A Guide to System Recovery

March 2009 JCR
March 2009 JCR Members Only Content

Read about: The Neuropsychology of Court Reporting; Branding Basics: Creating Loyalty; Reporting for the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission Diaspora Pro Bono Project; and Why Russia?

February 2009 JCR
February 2009 JCR Members Only Content

Read about: Market Shift: Splits to Page Rates?; Witnesses: A Field Guide for Court Reporters; Does Your Freelance Firm Need a Human Resources Plan; and Court Reporters Rally in Support of Community Service Memorial Project.

January 2009 JCR
January 2009 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - Adventures of a New Court Reporter; NCRA: Next Steps in Education Initiatives; CART Roundtable, Part II; and Independently Employed Professionals Are the Future

November/December 2008 JCR
November/December 2008 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - Reporters and Electronic Evidence; Online Repositories; CART Roundtable; Secrets of the Digital Signature; and What’s the Value in Your Digital Signature?

October 2008 JCR
October 2008 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - Confronting Digital Recording; From Better to Best; Going High Tech: One Judge’s View; and New Court Reporter Training Written Into Law

September 2008 JCR
September 2008 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - A Continuing Education; How Firms Pay Employees; Lead, Follow, and Watch Them Fly; Teachers Know Our Future; and Should Students Use Paperless Writers?

July/August 2008 JCR
July/August 2008 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - Why You Need a Digital Signature Now; Technology in the Courthouse; Practice for Practicing Reporters; Practice and Speedbuilding Concepts; and The Diary of a Mad Court Reporter

June 2008 JCR
June 2008 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - Practice for Practicing Reporters; The Firm/Employee Model; Getting a Job in Today’s Firm; and Legislative Boot Camp 2008: The Action Continues Long After Capitol Hill

May 2008 JCR
May 2008 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - RGR: Registered Green Reporter; Clients’ Perceptions of Court Reporting; Who Is the Veteran in Your Life?; and The Ethics of Court Reporting

April 2008 JCR
April 2008 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - Measuring the Vitality of Freelance Reporting; Creating a Great Working Relationship with Attorneys and Judges; Improving Court Reporter Relations; Ethics and the Court Reporter; and Maintaining the Integrity of Our Profession.

March 2008 JCR
March 2008 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - Data Theft: How Safe Is Your Computer: Secure Your Wireless Network; Member Value Proposition: Ensuring the Association Survives and Thrives in the Future; and Attorneys: A Field Guide for Court Reporters

February 2008 JCR
February 2008 JCR Members Only Content

Why Court Reporters Love Their Jobs; Officials Roundtable; Catching Flies with Honey; All for One and One for All; and Remote and Fast Scoping Is Possible

January 2008 JCR
January 2008 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - Resolutions 2008: This Is the Year; Impressions from Prague: Intersteno 2007; and They Like Us, They Really Love Realtime!

November/December 2007 JCR
November/December 2007 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - Working Toward Certification in Ohio; Court Reporter Dreamin'; My Board (Not Bored) Service; and Speech Recognition in Europe

October 2007 JCR Members Only Content

Read about - Flexibility and the Career of the Court Reporter; Leadership by All; A Vision for the Future; and Do You Need to Be a Notary?

September 2007 JCR
September 2007 JCR Members Only Content

Using Your (Artificial) Intelligence; Online Court Reporting Classes; Now You're a Teacher!; and The Meaning of UM

July/August 2007 JCR
July/August 2007 JCR Members Only Content

Unveiling Today's Writer; Firm Ownership in Your Future; Tips for Selling Your Business; andThe Case of the Forgotten Court Reporter

June 2007 JCR
June 2007 JCR Members Only Content

Reporting the Zacarias Moussaoui Trial; The Vioxx Trial; The Scott/Laci Peterson Trial; Members Lobby on Capitol Hill; and Welcome to Texas, Y’all

May 2007 JCR
May 2007 JCR Members Only Content

Artificial Intelligence and You; Is Webcasting for You; E-Discovery Basics; From Freelancer to Official; and LiveNote & Engate: A Changing Landscape

April 2007 JCR
April 2007 JCR Members Only Content

All in a Day's Work; Marketing to Lawyers; Realtime for the Official Reporter; and Court Reporters and Trauma

March 2007 JCR
March 2007 JCR Members Only Content

Hand Surgery: Is It the Only Option; Techniques for Easing Arm Pain; A Cancer Diagnosis - Change in Perspective; Aging and the Court Reporter; and NCRA's Outreach to the School: Participating School Programs

February 2007 JCR
February 2007 JCR

Archiving in the Electronic Age; Captioners and Telephones: What You Need to Know About Your Phone Lines; and What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?

More Information

January 2007 JCR
January 2007 JCR Members Only Content

Have We Met the Captioning Mandates; Assignment Africa: Reporting at the Rwanda Genocide Trials; and The Truth About ER and Digital Reporting By William Weber

November/December 2006 JCR Members Only Content

November/December 2006 JCR Archive: Basic Finances; Managing the One-Person Shop; and Signatures -- In the Digital Age

October 2006 JCR Members Only Content

Features: How We Support Reporter Education; Imagine the Future; High-Profile Trials That Resulted in New Laws; and Litigation Support Systems in Death Penalty Trials

September 2006 Members Only Content

In this issue: The Gulf Coast Hurricanes, One Year Later; Reporting Abroad; Professionalism: A Puerto Rican Perspective; and Reporting in Europe

July/August 2006 Members Only Content

Higher Education; Firm Owners: Building Business Relationships Through Service and Quality Work; Mea Culpa; and Working With Administrators

June 2006 JCR Members Only Content

Faster and Faster and Faster What to Expect When You're Expecting... and Reporting; On Being an Older ... er ... Mature ... er Longtime Reporter; On the Shoulders of Giants; and See What It’s All About.

May 2006 JCR Members Only Content

In this isssue: State Leaders Advance Reporter Interests on Capitol Hill; Why I Love New York; Webcasting; Seeking New Stars; and Out of the Past - Reporters and Backorders

April 2006 Members Only Content

In this isssue: Recruiting the Next Generation of Reporters; How to Teach Tomorrows Lawyers About Court Reporting; Court Reporting's Husbands and Wives; Backup Basics, Part III Making It Easy; and Professionalism for Captioners

March 2006 Members Only Content

In this issue: Enhancing Job Security for Official Reporters; What Professionalism Means for CART Providers; Features: It's About the Teachers; "Backup Basics, Part II: Where and When to Back Up"; and Intersteno: Reporting Around the World

February 2006 Members Only Content

In this issue: Plan Today, Recover Tomorrow; Consolidation in the Court Reporting Industry; "Backup Basics, Part 1: How Safe Is Your Data?"; and And I Was Hooked...

January 2006 Members Only Content

In this issue: Is Incorporation the Business Model For Independent Court Reporter?; Collections 101; And I Was Hooked...; CTC9: A New Partnership; E-Filing and Its Effects on Court Reporters: An Abstract; and How Do I Find Out What I Should Charge?