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NCRA's Deposition Handbook

Now available: The Deposition Handbook

Deposition Handbook

The Deposition Handbook, NCRA’s completely revised guide for court reporters, offers guidance on everything from preparing for the deposition to working with a legal videographer to a review of ethical and legal guidelines. The Deposition Handbook is a useful reference for all freelancers, with advice on common situations from a diverse group of firm owners and freelancers from across the country. In addition, a robust Resources section gives you additional ways to find the answers you need on the job.

This compact handbook was designed specifically for use as a handy reference guide that can be easily carried to any job.

How much does the handbook cost?

  • Members $44.45
  • Nonmembers $57.79
  • Special student and school pricing is available. Login to see your specific discount.

Where can I buy the handbook?

The handbook is available for purchase in the NCRA Store – item #P-336.

Who wrote The Deposition Handbook?

Revisions and updates to the book were based on input from a number of NCRA members who served as content experts.

Having trouble ordering?

Call the Member Services and Information Center at 1-800-272-6272 or email us at NCRA's hours are Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET.